International standard “Niphon” wins “Songkhla” to host international sports competitions in the future.

Sports circles when “Wada” or the World Anti-Doping Organization issued a statement on the consequences of Thailand’s failure to comply with the Wada Statute covered penalties Thailand is forbidden to act as a host for World or International Games. including suspending the performance of Thais on the world stage for 1 year, but this work “Thesis” Hopefully in the future “Songkhla” will have the opportunity to host international sporting events.

Recently, Niphon Boonyamanee, Deputy Leader of the Democrat Party and the Deputy Interior Minister visited the area to inspect the progress of the swimming pool construction project at Tinsulanonda Stadium International standard size of 50 meters, which is now more than 70 percent completed.

with Mr. Paijan Maksuwan, President of Songkhla Provincial Administrative Organization, Mr. Niphat Udomaksorn, Secretary to the Prime Minister of Songkhla Province Songkhla Province Permanent Secretary and related parties welcomed at Tinsulanonda Stadium, Muang District, Songkhla Province

Songkhla Provincial Administrative Organization (Songkhla Provincial Administrative Organization) has undertaken the construction of a 50 meter Tinsulanonda Stadium swimming pool by hiring BKP Construction Company Limited to carry out the construction with a construction budget of 74.8. million baht. Construction period: 600 days to build a 50 meter swimming pool with international standards.

It can be used to organize sporting events at the national level. and at the international level Including the development of Tinsulanonda Stadium to be used in a variety of ways and with standards

The Interior Minister also said that today, let’s follow up on the progress ofConstruction of Tinsulanonda Sports Swimming Pool which was initiated when he held office Prime Minister of Songkhla Province in order to make Songkhla a sports city, known as the perfect sport city. this swimming pool It is a standard swimming pool with a length of 50 meters and the depth of the pool meets the standards of the Swimming Sports Association.

which, if this field is completed, will make the Tinsulanonda Stadium complete to be the sports center of the south for almost all kinds of sports Because here there is a football field that meets Asian standards. and international level which we have already competed in international football on this stadium This pool, we hopeIf Songkhla will host whether at the Asian Games or the SEA Games level

Today, I think that Tinsulanonda Stadium is ready, which I hope in the future. Our southern region will behost of international sporting events because everyone else is hosting it.

Besides our southern region, there is no opportunity to organize international sporting events. Therefore, it is hoped that Songkhla, which is the main city of the South And there are quite a lot of universities. And there are many standard stadiums. Today when the swimming pool was successfully built It will make the readiness of Songkhla Province to be able to support international sporting events. even more

“So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all officers. who helped push until today We got this swimming pool which is 70% progress so everything should go according to plan.” finally said


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