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[International Swimming League]He Shibei won the third place in the 400 break Hong Kong record and 50 frogs

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[Sports Road News]Hong Kong swimming representative Siobhan (Siobhan) will play the first match day of the second semi-final of the 2021 International Swimming League (ISL) in Yanhofen, the Netherlands on Thursday (18th). The 24-year-old Hong Kong will play The women’s 400-meter freestyle broke Hong Kong’s record time. In addition, they performed well in the 50-meter breaststroke again and took third place.

Siobhan first represented his own swimming team Energy Standard in the 4×100m freestyle relay. He Shibei, who was in charge of the first bar, was already ahead of the closest opponent by almost half a second when she turned around in the 50-meter touch pool. She finally swam out the fastest in the game. At 51.37 seconds, the club was handed over to teammates. At that time, the swimming team had an advantage of 0.84.

However, Energy Standard’s victory in this event was not easy. Toronto Titans has been chasing from behind. In addition to the second shot, Michelle Coleman, who almost eliminated the time advantage created by Siobhan himself, the last shot Kayla Sanchez also swam out. Slightly faster than Sarah Sjostrom (Sarah Sjostrom), Energy Standard won the championship in 3:28.55, which is 0.30 faster than Toronto Titans; this time is also enough for Energy Standard to sweep the 5th to 8th place The score, 38 points in a single game, is one of the reasons why the swimming team can take a big lead after completing the first day of the event.

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He Shibei (Photo: Tilu Database)

He Shibei (Photo: Tilu Database)

Siobhan later played 50 frogs, and she participated in this event in two consecutive races. She finished fourth in the first semi-finals. This time she swam in 30 seconds 06 and finished third, only 0 seconds 01 slower than the second-place Aqua Centurions swimmer Martina Carraro. In terms of time alone, the time recorded by He Shibei on Thursday was slightly slower than the 29.92 seconds recorded during the first match of the event last week.

After Siobhan, who won two silver medals in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, played in the 400s, she and the Canadian swimmer Summer McIntosh, who played for Toronto Titans, almost fought for the entire course. The latter led He Shibei by 0 seconds 06 at the halfway of 200 meters. The two continued to fight fiercely in the second half. Although Siobhan had a slight lead in the 250, 300 and 350 meters, the gap between the two was only between the two. It wasn’t until He Shibei made another effort in the last 50 meters to swim out of the 29 seconds 03 split time to open the distance with Summer McIntosh, the latter in the last 50 meters split time 29 seconds 68. In the end, He Shibei won the championship when she broke the Hong Kong record at 3:57.06. This time was 1.69 faster than the old record she set in the second season of ISL in November last year; Summer McIntosh swam at 3:57.75 and came second. It is 0 seconds 69 slower than Siobhan.

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After completing the first day of the second semi-final, He Shibei temporarily ranked second in the MVP list with 31.5 points, behind Energy Standard teammate Si Zutang who scored 44 points.

There are 6 rounds in the semi-finals of ISL, and 8 swimming teams will compete in 3 rounds to compete for the top 4 to advance to the finals at the beginning of next month. The competition took place at the Hoogenbandt swimming pool in Yanhoffen, which was named after the famous Dutch swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Pieter van den Hoogenband (Pieter van den Hoogenband). On the second day of Friday (19th), Siobhan is expected to play 100 games, and her strengths are 200. Among them, she has never lost 200 games in ISL, and has a record of 14 games in three seasons.

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