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Interpretation of the ancient legendary beauty dance drama “Xi Shi” from a contemporary perspective for the first time in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2023-06-08 06:27

Hangzhou Daily News As one of the four beauties in ancient China, Xi Shi has become synonymous with “beauty” for more than two thousand years. However, behind the legend, what kind of person is Xi Shi as an ordinary woman? How should modern people interpret and understand the beauty of Shih Tzu? A few days ago, the original large-scale dance drama “Xi Shi” premiered at the Hangzhou Grand Theater, giving the audience a unique perspective of interpreting Xi Shi.

Compared with traditional dance dramas, “Xi Shi” pays special attention to the expression of oriental minimalist aesthetics. Whether it is in dance or dance design, it tries its best to combine oriental elegance with modern minimalism.

The interaction between reality and reality and a two-line narrative are major features of the play. “Xi Shi” created two layers of illusions for the audience in terms of stage design, one is Xi Shi’s fantasy of love, and the other is the illusion of luxury and money created by Gou Jian for the great cause of Wu Guo’s recovery . These two layers of fantasy are presented through the installation of an inverted stage, be it a pavilion, a mountain or a ship, suspended upside down in the sky, presenting a scene of flowers in the mirror and the moon in the water.

The whole play also makes extensive use of the art of empty space. For example, when Xi Shi held a wedding for herself, all the beauty of dance was removed from the stage, leaving only pure red and white. The audience left more room for imagination and taste.

The famous dancer Yang Liping watched the play live. After the performance, Yang Liping said: “From the perspective of young people, this drama has completed a new interpretation of classic IP, which allows us to see the power of modern women in Xi Shi, a traditional character.”

Xie Qiong, the main designer and main producer of the dance drama “Xi Shi”, introduced that since October last year, the resident performance show “Dream of Xi Shi” with the same theme has been held in Zhuji, Xi Shi’s hometown. , since October last year. , for more than 200 times. The first performance means that the model of “residence + journey” has been practiced on the cultural IP of “Xi Shi”.

Source: Hangzhou Daily Author: Reporter Jiang Xiong Qiu Danchen Editor: Wang Hao


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