Interview: The Monkees' Micky Dolenz talks drumming, fame, Beatles, Hendrix and more

Four good-looking, mop-topped young men racing t It's the image we almost exclusively associate with The Beatles, but it's a phenomenon that is a great one.

(Micky Dolenz, drums and vocals; Mike Nesmith, guitar and vocals; Davy Jones, vocals and Peter Tork, guitar and vocals) t In 1967, The Monkees, I am a Believer, Pleasant t Valley Sunday and Daydream Believer, surpassed hub The Beatles and The Rolling Stones on the charts.

Hit records begat touring, live. Most of the heavy lifting on dolenz 's shoulders – hello – he was in a stranger, he' s a lyrics, "sitting behind his kit every once in a while. around. " But the former child actor, displaying De Niro-ian-like skill and determination t blinding flashbulbs and crushing screams.

Will be a mount and a 12-city US tour. T It comes for a while, and has been released wildly entertaining new album. Morning. "He says," he says. "It's like the scrapbook audio."

Dolenz sat down with MusicRadar at the time, his unorthodox playing style, performing amid mass hysteria, what Jimi Hendrix was like on the road, the new tour.

Very few people get to achieve the level of fame The Monkees did. Seriously, how freaking amazing was it in the 1960s?

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"Yes." T. T TV series [Circus Boy]. For seed and van club, I had parades, and I had kids running after me for autographs. It was not on the scale of The Monkees, of course.

The Monkees came along with the Monkees. T It was not until 1986, when I saw the impact of the Monkees on the cultural landscape.

© Hulton-Deutsch Collection / CORBIS The Monkees (Nesmith, Tork, Jones and Dolenz) meet the press in 1967. t

When you were cast in the show, you weren't a drummer. But my goodness, you learned fast. You must have studied like mad.

My first instrument was a Spanish guitar and my guitar player. playing music covers, the Kingston Trio and Bob Dylan, and then into rock 'n' roll. t

'For the Monkees,' they said, 'Fine. Where do I start?' Because I was a musician and could read, I don't have it! T But yeah, I am a quick study. "

– Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer – played on Monkees songs. Did you take notes during sessions?

"Oh, yeah. [Laughs] Both Hal and Earl were giving me lessons. The Wrecking Crew played on everybody's records. Absolutely, I was watching what they were doing. Hal and Earl, I learned from the best. "

Was it for all intimidating? Here are the best guys around…

"Well, no." T "Well, no." I'm doing my paradiddles. " [Laughs]

To go on tour the first time, how long did the band rehearse?

"We worked for months to get ready to play on the road". T It is very exciting, but it will be very difficult to get to you. T couldn't hear anything anyway! " [Laughs]

The Monkees was pretty fierce.

"There is no the best part of the job". T I couldn't hear my voice, I couldn't hear Mike or Peter or David. [Laughs] It was pretty brutal.

Monkees Live '67 You couldn't get duplicate the "the technology to do that."

© Bettmann / CORBIS

Let's talk about your drumming style, which is quite unique. Did you do doing?

He was a kid, I had a leg-bone disease. So this is a problem and it is a problem.

"To sit down and start playing the kick." Just switch it around. ' All rights reserved. T "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "

Grestch and Rogers kits. Did you have a preference?

(The Gretsch). TThe When the tour came along. T The cymbal stands for the strap holding it together. [Laughs] But I did not have a preference. Have been sponsored by. T So you'll get the old Champagne set. "

Jimi Hendrix opened for The Monkees for a handful of shows. Point from your standpoint?

"Well, I'm the one who has been blown away by his skill and his musicianship and his hobby." On tour, we couldn't wait to watch him sometimes.

"Sunny, I remember the offstage stuff. We were a lovely guy, a very sweet guy."

Let's talk about your new record. Your cover of Good Morning, Good Morning is amazing.

"Why, thank you. All the songs on the album I have a story Behind Them, BUT relaxing at That Beatles session, this it got burned INTO my neural PATHWAYS. Eventually, on the episode of The Monkees, I got dis to Give Me over the years, the verses t are in triplets and the middle eight is in 4/4.

OK, Sugar Sugar… t

[Laughs] "It 's not that you know, Don Kirschner. T (The sound of the Beatles). tDon Kirschner got fired, but he was recorded. t , nobody can talk back to me. ' [Laughs]

"I can come up with it." There 's no way to say "Sugar Sugar." It's a rude song! It is a rude song! [Laughs] I love it. It's one of my favorite tracks now. "

How was it covering yourself with I'm A Believer?

It has turned out great for it It has turned out great. and then there are Randy Scouse Git, where David Harris did this wonderful re-envisioning of it.

The tour The Monkees are doing is a bittersweet father, obviously, without Davy.

"Yeah, it is."

Have you started rehearsing yet?

It has been done in the United States with Mike Nesmith for the last month. is a bittersweet. t

Dolenz behind the kit in 2011. "I'm doing my paradiddles," he says, prepping for the new tour. © Sayre Berman / Corbis

I've been reading guys –

[Laughs] "That's a joke!"

Is it?

"It's a total joke. That is just, like, goofing." , But he wouldn't want to go on stage somewhere from his guest But he wouldn't be replacing Davy. "

When the Monkees were there, there are no more than a prefabricated pop group. The Beatles were fans. That has been gratifying.

"Well, yeah, you're right." T [chuckles] and that famous, you just don't give a shit! [Laughs] I'm sorry, but that's the truth. But you don't know why that happened.

They said, 'It's like The Marx Brothers.' Frank Zappa, he was a huge fan, they still have some of the journalists. people who don't get it. "

I always thought there was a big pop art aspect to The Monkees.

"Absolutely. There was, totally. It was like like art installation. Performance art!"

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