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Interviewed without permission; Suspension of a police officer

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Kochi ∙ Kalamassery police station has set up a tea winding machine and a heap of congratulations has been heaped on it. Raghu suspended. The action was taken by Kochi DCP Aishwarya Dongre. The action was taken on the pretext that he had given an interview to the media about the event without the permission of his superiors. However, police said the move was prompted by anger over not inviting the DCP to the inauguration ceremony. The incident was reported to the District Special Branch authorities.

For the first time in the state, a police station has been lauded by top officials for implementing a scheme to provide tea, biscuits and cold water to those arriving at the station to make it more people-friendly. The suspension order, which arrived shortly after noon, has shocked police. Raghu had implemented the project by finding money from his own pocket and from his colleagues. It is learned that the officials were also informed. The police had also complied with DGP Loknath Behra’s directive that the police should be friendly with the public.

Earlier, when the Kovid scare was rampant, the Kalamassery police station was a model for feeding the homeless and stray dogs. The project was very helpful for many people and mute people as there were no hotels. At the same time, Raghu was given a cash award and citation by Vijay Sakhare, the then Kochi IG, for helping a French woman who lost her purse at the Nedumbassery airport. Fearing the presence of Kovid, they kept people away and bought food for them and informed the French embassy. The purse was found using CCTV footage of the car they were riding in and it was sent to them.

In the first week of January, when DCP Aishwarya Dongre arrived at the women’s station at Ernakulam North after taking charge, the paramedic asked for an explanation as he did not recognize her and then took disciplinary action. Aishwarya Dongre told the IPS that the paramedic was not careful. When the officer, who had never been seen in person, arrived at the station without a uniform, there was widespread protest against the punitive action taken instead of being applauded for blocking this Kovid period. As there was a difference of opinion among the police, the commissioner issued a warning to them.

English Summary: Civil police officer PS Reghu suspended


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