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Work, study, emotion… Contemporary young people face pressure and burdens from different aspects of life, which are externalized into different emotions such as anxiety, worry, depression, etc., reminding young people when to each other that life gives them a challenge. For this reason, INTO YOU, a progressive domestic cosmetics brand, once again speaks to you to justify emotions. On the occasion of another “Brand 525 Public Welfare Day” approaching,INTO YOUcarry out#在星空下#The theme of public welfare activitiesfocusing on the visual elements in Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Sky”, a series of activities such as public welfare buses and public welfare songs were launched. I hope that everyone will meet Van Gogh, see themselves, and feel the healing power of colour.

On Charity Day 525 last year, INTO YOU created the charity song “Love My True Colors”, conveying the power of loving my true colors, which was welcomed and loved by many young women. This year, INTO YOU teamed up with artist Cassian to release the public welfare song “Under the Stars” with the same name as the theme of the event again. The quiet and soothing style of music makes every listener surrounded by power sound .

FOR YOU 525 Public Welfare Day Brand co-branded with Van Gogh to Interpret the Power of Color

“Under the Starry Sky” is the second public welfare song of the INTO YOU brand. As a continuation of the brand’s sound, “Under the Starry Sky” inherits the warm and powerful characteristics of “Love My True Colors”, and is also a powerful manifestation of INTO YOU’s public welfare attitude. During the event, “Under the Stars” will also be played simultaneously on the star bus “INTO YOU Under the Stars”.

FOR YOU 525 Public Welfare Day Brand co-branded with Van Gogh to Interpret the Power of Color

The starry air bus trip is an important activity of INTO YOU’s public welfare activity. The body decoration of the star bus is also inspired by Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Sky” The elements of large iris flowers combined with the soothing and calm tone of “Under the Starry Sky” have spontaneous healing power. INTO YOU believes that color has great energy, and people will respond differently to different colors subconsciously. Therefore, the colorful starry sky bus is also a space of emotional decompression – the seats in the car are decorated with green plants, irises and artistic paintings, so that people can feel the energy of color and art of different sensory dimensions in mood relaxed Walking towards the drop-off point, write the unhappy things on the colored paper representing different emotions, and deliver them to the colored distribution box “LET IT GO”, leaving the worries behind and starting again.

FOR YOU 525 Public Welfare Day Brand co-branded with Van Gogh to Interpret the Power of Color

From May 23rd to 29th, the star bus will start from Liuyuan Park and drive around the West Lake scenic spot, bringing the dual healing power of vision and hearing to more people. From May 26 to 28, Starry Sky Bus will stop at Tianmuli South Square, Zhejiang University Yuquan Campus bus station, Yintai West Lake Store Department Store, check in at the spot and participate in the #在星空下# activity share photos online, and you can also get ” INTO YOU “Color Mood Handbook” 1 copy.

FOR YOU 525 Public Welfare Day Brand co-branded with Van Gogh to Interpret the Power of Color

It is worth noting that this “Color Emotion Manual” has been adapted by INTO YOU in collaboration with the well-known psychological research platform “Simple Psychology”. During the period, INTO YOU also simultaneously released an online emotion test interaction on the brand’s official account, providing a channel for more young people to understand emotions and improve themselves.

FOR YOU 525 Public Welfare Day Brand co-branded with Van Gogh to Interpret the Power of Color

Color is the soul of INTO YOU and your brand As a color expert in the cosmetics industry, INTO YOU is committed to unlocking more color charm. In addition to public welfare activities, the color resonance between INTO YOU and Van Gogh’s paintings is also reflected in product development. A few days ago, the brand and a series of Van Gogh co-branded products – Chuangse Lip and Cheek Dual-purpose Lip Clay and Chuangse Four-color Eyeshadow Palette have also been launched at the same time, completing the encounter of a century still in the name of a color.

FOR YOU 525 Public Welfare Day Brand co-branded with Van Gogh to Interpret the Power of Color

Inspired by Van Gogh’s classic paintings, INTO YOU sees more possibilities and emotions in makeup colors, and applies them to the product theme and color matching of the joint series.Creative color versatile lip clayWith the new 4G capability, it can show Van Gogh’s world of color emotions to the greatest extent. There are five color numbers in this series of lip clay – V01 Wild Spring, which is fresh and vibrant, especially suitable for the coming summer; V02 is bright and restless, which stands out from the crowd; It has a dense atmosphere; V04 Blodyn yr Haul presents a cool woody texture, which is very lazy and comfortable; V05 Qingmei is a little strange and a little enthusiastic, only suitable for girls with a little personality. The eyeshadow palette is innovative in three aspects: color sense, make-up feel and powder quality Whether it’s starry night in color 01 or Ovi green wheat field in color 02, it can create a new and non-essential make-up according to the needs of different scenes.

FOR YOU 525 Public Welfare Day Brand co-branded with Van Gogh to Interpret the Power of Color

Since its inception, INTO YOU has been passionate about the public good. During the epidemic, INTO YOU has donated anti-epidemic materials many times. In recent years, it has also continued to support the development of women’s public welfare projects. When new products were released on March 8 Women’s Day last year, it gave aged all sales of new products produced by the live broadcast that night To the China Women’s Development Institute, to practice corporate social responsibility with down-to-earth actions. As a cosmetics brand that loves color and loves to create, INTO YOU has always believed in the energy of color. In the past two years, the brand has also pioneered color forms and public welfare to let more people feel the power of color and use color to awaken the senses The 525 Brand Public Welfare Day is one of the efforts. In the future, INTO YOU will always remember its own mission and responsibility, give back to society as an important part of corporate development, keep in mind the responsibility of domestic products, and contribute more visible power to social development.


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