Introduced low-noise PC target RTX 4080 ‘ASUS X Noctua Edition’

▲ Photo = ASUS Republic of Gamers DACH YouTube

The ASUS and Noctua collaboration graphics card provides a new option for the 40 following the RTX 30 series.

The Noctua ASUS RTX 4080 is a model with dual Noctua A12X25 fans.

▲ Source = Noctua
▲ Source = Noctua

Relatedly, Noctua has official benchmark data that the standard model of the RTX 4080 has 40dB(A) noise at 55.6 degrees at 2,200RPM, but Noctua Edition has silence at 56.4 degrees at 1,440RPM and 23.2dB(A) noise.

However, in terms of price, it will be released at an expensive price despite the RTX 4080. The price of the ASUS RTX 4080 Noctua Edition is $1,650 (about 2.16 million won), which is a bit expensive considering that it is an ASUS TUF model RTX 4080 is $1,199 (about 1.56 million won).


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