Introducing 7 new updated mobile games worth playing May Free and paid on Android, iOS.

For those of you looking for new games to play, you’ve come to the right place! Because today we will present New updated mobile games to play periodMay 2023 which has a variety of free to play and pay forward games Android, iOS like LOTR: HEROES OF MIDDLE EARTH, Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse, DOWNLANDS aan imaginary futureetc.

1.LotR: Heroes of Middle-earth

The Lord of the Rings, a fantasy film that could be many people’s favorite film. has returned once again as a turn-based RPG-style mobile game developed by Capital Games, where players can take on the role of familiar characters from The Lord of the Rings universe, including The Hobbit, to develop their battle planning skills and take their turn to attack on enemies. It can be played for free on Android and iOS systems.

2.Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse

Bad 2 Bad: Apocalypse is an open world Action RPG game from the developer team DAWINSTONE. to survive the zombie horde By farming resources, find items, including various equipment upgrades to create cool weapons. Also the players also fish. and invent items to survive too It’s a fun game to play that sucks time just by crafting different things and completing quests. Explore more than 60 locations and help the Delta team! It can be played for free on Android and iOS systems.

3. Downlands

Dawnlands is a 3D Fantasy Survival Open World game that allows us to take on the role of an adventurer to create the world we dream of. By farming resources, building houses, crafting items, including upgrading more than 100 different types of equipment and inventing weapons in the great ancient city, while saving the unknown land and enjoying new stories. More importantly, it also supports up to 4 players, allowing us to share the world together. Explore the land alone or with a team of friends. Also, you can meet new friends from all over the world. It can be played for free on Android and iOS systems.

4. Trails: Beatrice’s Adventure

Paths: Beatrice’s Adventure is a game of choice. Which allows players to make decisions with the characters story. No matter what decision you make, all consequences will always follow. The story of the game is about a young girl called Beatrice and her family. In addition, Beatrice also has hidden magical powers for players to go on an adventure to find with her. Including managing family relationships better so that we and our families can open our hearts to each other ready to finally accept his identity In terms of game content, there will be 9 main episodes and 7 other characters that we can interact with them and build relationships. What’s interesting is that this story has more than 10 different endings, depending on us, if anyone is interested.It can be played for free on both Android systems.

5. Gunstars – Battle Arena

Gunstars is a shooter game. Battle Royale In a third-person view, let us fight in a single-player battlefield. Or invite friends to have fun on the battlefields of the Gunstars universe Fight, explore and create strategies to survive with up to 24 players. The game also has a high level of skill for players to challenge. You will also receive special prizes during the competition. It is also collected or exchanged with the NFT or Blockchain system by Solana and also has the opportunity to win money within the game. You can pre-register on Android and iOS systems to play for free. (for The App Store is not open for registration at this time. wait a little longer)

6. False Future: An illusory future

Illusory Future is a futuristic city building game similar to tower sim games, with a story about an AI that has self-awareness and surpasses humanity? until we cause a disaster We have to explore many more mysterious lands. and keep building the city by overlapping the buildings ready to explore the stars and fight the alien invasion Including processing equipment, producing items for NPCs to complete missions. There is also an interesting randomization system. It’s called having fun until it soaks up the time for sure. It can be played for free on Android and iOS systems.

7. ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush is a 3D action game with real-time 4v4 PvP battles based on the popular manga, Straw Hat Pirates. This version has been updated in 2023 after a long time of maintenance. Let us capture the area and fight with opponents. and continue to form the team Make a strong character Go with Luffy or Zoro. Ready to plan from the line of characters (Attacker, Defender, Getter) to collect as many treasures as possible. For this game, there will be no story to play. Focus on fighting and play just for fun. To make us king of the pirates in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush. It can be played for free on Android and iOS systems.

And if anyone is looking for a fun monster beating adventure game, read on here.