Introducing a Portfolio Collection Activity Camp with Double Learn for high school students

It has arrived to please the type of activity children who are looking for a camp to port or learn more. For those looking for activity camps, today, Double Learn will present 4 camps from Double Learn. Which camps will there be? Let’s go and see.

Let’s start with the first camp. For those who want to be a businessman, say you should not miss this camp with the BizCamp Business Leadership camp. That’s not enough, it also adds fun with various activities and games that will improve our skills as well.

BizCamp Business Leadership Camp to learn about the world of business
Date 17 June 2023 time 09.00 – 16.00
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Later, ask for hands from young people who dream of becoming a director or who want to have their own film. You can’t miss the Young Filmmaker filmmaking camp, a camp that will take you into the world of creating a world you want to see through a camera lens with the content of the filmmaking process and not just the content. The camp will also enable the young people to do real things through workshop activities as well.

Young Filmmaker teaches young people how to make films
Date 26 August 2023 time 09.00 – 16.00
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The accountant should not be indifferent. Because we also have an accounting camp to please with the Young Accountant 2 camp, a learning camp for the accounting world, 2nd generation from which the 1st generation camp has received overwhelming responses. Thus, this 2nd generation camp was born, which is firmly established that the camp will return with more information this time. It is reinforced by lecturers with knowledge and experience in accounting.

Young Accountant 2, Learning Camp for the Accounting World, Class 2
Date 26 August 2023 time 09.00 – 16.00
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Knowledge is there, and a volunteer spirit must come. Meet the online volunteer camp Nique Youth Camp: new generations creating opportunities for the visually impaired. A camp that will take young volunteers to understand more about the visually impaired. living and how to help the visually impaired That’s not all. There are also voluntary activities for the young people to take part in. Willing to receive a full 6 hours of volunteering hours

Nique Youth Camp : New generations are creating opportunities for the visually impaired.
Date 24 June 2023 time 13.00 – 15.00
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Children interested in finding camps in other areas need not be sad because Double Learn also has many other camps ready for youngsters to join us on an adventure. You can search for more camps through Including the following news from us through the following channels

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Twitter : @DoubleLearnTH


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