“Introducing a ‘resource efficiency rating system’ to evaluate resource efficiency per product”

Held an industry meeting… It is expected to promote the production and use of resource-efficient products
Industry “Incentives such as expanding public procurement of excellent quality products are essential”

[에너지데일리 변국영 기자] The ‘resource efficiency rating system’, which evaluates the resource efficiency of each product and assigns a grade, providing relevant information to users, will be introduced.

The introduction of this system is expected to promote the production and use of resource efficient products.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy held a meeting at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the 21st to collect industry opinions before preparing the ‘resource efficiency rating system’ with the participation of related companies and organizations.

At the meeting, the results of advanced system analysis, such as the EU eco-design guidelines and the French electrical and electronic product repair evaluation system, were shared, and industry opinions were listened to and discussed so that this system could be designed in a positive direction. for the development of the circular economy industry.

The industry suggested the need to develop evaluation standards linked to the EU system in order to respond to exports and reduce the double burden, and prepare measures to support companies (incentives) such as expanding public procurement of products with excellent grades.

In order to continuously gather these views and reflect them in the design and implementation of systems, the Ministry of Industry, academia, research institutions and government decided to launch and regulate the ‘Resource Efficiency Measurement System Promotion Council’ which including industry, academia, research and government. as an opportunity.

In addition, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy revealed plans for the future such as additional research analysis for the development of a resource efficiency evaluation method and pilot implementation per item, and emphasized that the system will be the basis for maximizing resource efficiency in the an entire industry. and ensuring global competitiveness in the area of ​​the circular economy.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy prepared the legal basis for the system by amending the enforcement rules of the ‘Act on Promotion of Conversion to an Environmentally Friendly Industrial Structure’ in April, and reflected in such major government policies. as ‘Circular Economy Action Plan K’ to fully design the system from this year onwards

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