Introducing Blur Faces app to blur faces on photos on iPhone, iPad. Easy to use and free to download.

For anyone who wants to blur faces on iPhone photos, I recommend this app.”Blur Faces” that the app will automatically detect faces and blur

Blur Faces app to blur faces on iPhone photos.

How to use the app is very easy, just open the app > tap “Album” > select the desired photo.

The system will automatically detect faces in the image and blur them. > You can tap the desired user’s face to adjust the blur pattern. and can adjust the blur level

To remove the blur, you can tap the blur point and tap “Remove” (tap “Add” if you want to add the blur manually).

When finished, tap “Share” to share the image, if you want to save it to your device, tap “Save Image”.

An example of a blurred face image.

Download the app

Download the Blur Faces app for free at the App Store:

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