Introducing LINE STICKERS PREMIUM: Unlimited Sticker Fun at a Special Price

LINE STICKERS Launches “LINE STICKERS PREMIUM” Monthly Sticker Service

LINE STICKERS has unveiled its latest offering, “LINE STICKERS PREMIUM,” a monthly subscription service that caters to sticker enthusiasts. Priced at only 69 baht per month, users can enjoy unlimited sticker changes.

Enhance Your LINE Experience with LINE STICKERS PREMIUM

Introducing LINE STICKERS PREMIUM, a monthly and annual subscription service that allows users to access a wide range of stickers, themes, and emojis on the LINE platform. With the freedom to constantly change their sticker sets, users can spice up their conversations and make the most out of the service without any limitations. And for a limited time, users can enjoy double the value of their subscription starting at just 69 baht.

LINE STICKERS PREMIUM offers LINE users the opportunity to become members and gain unlimited monthly access to the STICKERS LINE collection. This groundbreaking service eliminates the dilemma of whether to purchase stickers, providing a diverse and enhanced LINE experience. Members can choose from over 9 million sets of stickers that have been on sale for at least six months.

Choose Your Ideal Pack

LINE STICKERS PREMIUM presents two subscription options:

  • Basic package: During the launch promotion, users can enjoy the special price of 69 baht per month or an annual payment of 699 baht. This package allows users to select up to five sticker sets, which can be changed at any time during the subscription period.
  • Luxury package: For the true sticker enthusiasts, this package offers unlimited access to stickers, themes, and emojis. At the special launch price of 139 baht per month or an annual payment of 1,300 baht, users can indulge in an unlimited selection of stickers and freely switch between them throughout their membership.


LINE STICKERS PREMIUM is now open to all sticker fans. This extraordinary service is truly a must-have. Stay updated on the latest developments by following LINE OA: LINE STICKERS.

LINE STICKERS launches “LINE STICKERS PREMIUM” a monthly sticker service. You can choose as you wish. Unlimited changes starting at 69 baht per month.

The STICKERS LINE pleases sticker fans. Launching the newest service LINE STICKERS PREMIUM, a monthly and annual service for using stickers, themes, and emoji on LINE. Experience a variety of uses. You can change it continuously without getting bored. You can use it to the maximum without limitation. Choose as you wish. Get double the value for a special launch celebration price starting at just 69 baht.

LINE STICKERS PREMIUM adds options for LINE users to apply for membership. (Subscription) for unlimited monthly use of STICKERS LINE. Break the traditional sticker buying rules by eliminating the problem of hesitation when buying stickers to use. Increase value Create a diverse experience for using LINE. Stickers participating in LINE STICKERS PREMIUM will be stickers that have been on sale for at least 6 months, with more than 9 million sets to choose from.

LINE STICKERS PREMIUM has 2 packs to choose from as you wish:

Basic package, special price during launch, 69 baht per month or annual payment of 699 baht per year You can choose stickers to use up to a maximum of 5 sets in total, which can be exchanged in and out at any time in during the period Become a luxury package member Special price during the launch: 139 baht per month or an annual payment of 1,300 baht per year. You can choose an unlimited number of stickers, themes and emojis to use. and can switch in and out throughout the membership period

LINE stickers PREMIUM is now open! Sticker fans Every true fan can’t miss it, it’s more than worth it! Those interested can follow the movement of the LINE STICKERS PREMIUM service at LINE OA: LINE STICKERS or

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