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Mercedes F1 may introduce new ports designed to take a step closer to solving the popping problem at the next F1 Miami GP.

The Mercedes W13 is heavily influenced by the porpoising phenomenon, forcing the team to sacrifice significant performance by running at higher ride heights than expected.

The extent of the fight against porpoising in Imola was surprising, and in qualifying Q2 it was exacerbated by the warm-up of the tires and the untimely red flag, and neither Lewis Hamilton nor George Russell could reach Q3.

However, Andrew Shovlin, director of truckside engineering at Mercedes F1, says that a better understanding of the popping issue has allowed him to improve his car.

“We’re moving forward. We can learn more about it and hopefully soon bring some parts into the car that will probably show if we’re heading in the right direction in Miami.” Mercedes F1 Andrew Shovlin said in a video released by the team.

“We don’t expect this to be resolved overnight, but if we can figure out the cause of what’s really happening and get clues that we’re heading in the right direction, You’ll be pretty happy that you’re on the right track. “

Mercedes F1 Principal Toto Wolff reiterated his belief that there was an important performance to be gained from the car over the weekend of the F1 Emilia Romagna GP. ..

“We have the direction to unleash the potential in the car and move it far closer, but we don’t have the key at this point,” Toto Wolff explained in the status quo.

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Asked to explain the intent of Toto Wolff’s remarks, Andrew Shovlin explained how the Mercedes F1 must approach the problem in the hope that there will be no immediate solution.

However, Andrew Shovlin says there are “promising signs” that suggest that improvements are possible.

“It’s obviously a bit of a cliché, but in reality, we haven’t been able to drive the car exactly as we designed it to,” said Andrew Shovlin.

“You need to run at a higher ride height. Running at a higher ride height will reduce performance.”

“Now it may apply to almost every car on the grid, but many people are suffering from this problem. We know that lifting a car is a way to mitigate the problem.”

“Much of the work done at Blackley was to understand the phenomenon, whether it could be controlled, and whether it could be designed from the car.”

“Toto talked about finding the key, he’s actually talking about, is there an aerodynamic solution that can be applied to this solution to solve this problem?”

“Now, in reality, I think this is not one big moment when everything disappears, but a step-by-step approach.”

“But we’re seeing promising signs. We look forward to the progress of this issue and hope to bring parts to the car soon in Miami.”

The Mercedes F1 made some changes to the car with Imola, reconstructed the vanes on the sides of the chassis ^, added a third vane, and added side pod inlets, diffusers and rear deflector end plates. Fine-tuned.

However, no major upgrades have been introduced since the narrow side pods called “Zero Pods” were brought to Bahrain’s second pre-season test.

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Mercedes F1 has won two podiums so far this season and is third in the Constructors’ Championship.

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