Introducing MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE: A Thrilling Battle Royale Game Based on the Hit Manga Series My Hero Academia

Introducing MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE: The Exciting Game Based on the Popular Manga

MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE is an immersive gaming experience that brings to life the beloved manga series, My Hero Academia. Set in a world where superhumans with extraordinary powers coexist, the story revolves around the courageous profession of Heroes and the rise of formidable Villains. As a result, a renowned hero training school emerges, paving the way for the emergence of remarkable characters, with Midoriya Izuku leading the way.

A Fan Favorite: The Manga and Anime Phenomenon

My Hero Academia has amassed an enormous fan base due to its captivating storyline and fascinating characters. It is no wonder that a game based on this iconic series is generating an immense buzz. What sets MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE apart is its unique Battle Royale format, promising an adrenaline-pumping experience.

With an array of characters to choose from, each possessing distinct and powerful abilities, the game offers a thrilling combat system where heroes and villains clash in epic showdowns. Prepare yourselves as the game is set to launch this November on popular gaming platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox, and Steam.

If you consider yourself a true fan, it’s time to embrace your hero alter ego and get ready to go Plus Ultra in MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE!

MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE is a game based on the manga called My Hero Academia, which is about a superhuman society where people have many magical powers and the profession of Hero is born! And of course, to have a hero there must be a villain! A Villian was born too! This led to the emergence of a hero training school. Midoriya Izuku, the hero of the story, is the person who received the power of the world’s number 1 hero! And he has to face many enemies with his friends!

My Hero is considered a manga and anime that has a huge fan base for the two most exciting battles! The soft, deep story and fascinating characters make it not unusual to have a game with the characters of this story, but it’s like Battle Royole! Coming this way, I can’t help but play! The game will have many characters, many different lines of farm power to fight with each other! There are sides of heroes and villains! The game will open on November! It will be open to play on Nintendo Switch, Play Station 4/5, Xbox, Steam. If you are ready, get ready Plus Ultra!

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