Introducing Norda’s Latest Slip-On Shoe: A Sneak Peek at the Chamonix 2023 Cross-Country

Introducing norda’s New Slip-On Shoe: The Latest Addition to the Canadian Cross Country Running Brand

Renowned Canadian cross country running shoe brand, norda, has just unveiled their newest color match for the Norda 001 model. In an exciting twist, the brand has introduced a brand new Slip-On style shoe into their collection.

The highly anticipated Slip-On norda boots made their debut at the esteemed Chamonix 2023 cross-country event, catching the attention of Techunter Magazine. While the exact model of the shoe is yet to be disclosed, it bears a striking resemblance to the norda 001 and appears to feature a top-of-the-line Vibram SLE midsole. Additionally, it boasts the cutting-edge technology of Litebase, a Megagrip outsole, and is elegantly fashioned with bio-based Dyneema material.

Alongside its innovative Slip-On design, this shoe offers the convenience of a heel pull tab for easy wearing. The colorway incorporates a sleek combination of black, gray, and white. While details about this exciting release are still sparse, enthusiasts and fans are advised to stay tuned for further updates.

Canadian cross country running shoe brand norda has just introduced the latest color match of Norda 001. This time the brand has revealed a new Slip-On shoe.

Techunter Magazine captured the never-before-seen Slip-On norda boots at the Chamonix 2023 cross-country; the model of the shoe is not yet known, but its appearance is almost the same as norda 001, and it seems to use a high-quality Vibram SLE midsole, equipped with Litebase, Megagrip outsole, and body modified Bio-Based Dyneema boots.

In addition to the Slip-On structure, it also provides a heel pull tab, and the color is a mix of black, gray, and white. At the moment there is no information about the shoe, and it is not sure yet will it be Those who are interested may wish to pay attention to subsequent reports.

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