Introducing the Infinix ZERO 30 5G: A Mid-Range Smartphone with Advanced Camera Capabilities

Infinix Unveils the Infinix ZERO 30 5G: Revolutionizing Smartphone Photography

Infinix, the reputable smartphone brand catering to the needs of the new generation, is set to introduce its latest flagship device, the Infinix ZERO 30 5G. With a compelling slogan, “Capture Your Own Story – Capture Every Moment That’s You,” this premium smartphone camera line promises to redefine the way we document our lives. Pioneering the market with its mid-range price tag, the device comes equipped with a groundbreaking 4K front camera, capable of recording videos at up to 60FPS, ensuring an unparalleled content creation experience. Coupled with a powerful 5G chipset, the MediaTek Dimensity 8020, and a stunning 3D curved AMOLED screen boasting a refresh rate of 144Hz, the Infinix ZERO 30 5G caters to the entertainment needs of users while delighting them with stunning visuals. It truly is the epitome of innovation, capturing the spirit of the new generation through its lens.

A Device Designed for the Young and the Creative

The Infinix ZERO 30 5G flaunts an elegant, modern design that perfectly complements the lifestyles of young individuals passionate about photography and vlogging. As a brand that values the art of video recording, Infinix has integrated a 50-megapixel OIS image stabilization system into its front camera, guaranteeing professional-level image quality from every angle. In addition, the device provides exceptional efficiency with its MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chipset, accompanied by a generous 256GB of memory and 12GB of RAM. Notably, the Infinix ZERO 30 5G aims to make a memorable impact on the global stage by collaborating with the Italian Pavilion in Venice. Through the concept of “New Image, New Lifestyle | Cinema in the New Media, Hold Your Own Story,” this device was premiered at the renowned Venice International Film Festival, highlighting its ability to tell remarkable stories from a global perspective.

Prepare to Embrace the Infinix ZERO 30 5G

Calling all enthusiasts of Infinix devices! Mark your calendars for September 14, 2023, as the official launch of the Infinix ZERO 30 5G in Thailand draws near. This remarkable smartphone will be available for purchase via the Infinix Official Store on popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop. Infinix is offering exciting promotions and unbeatable deals, including a special limited discount of up to 3,000 baht during the promotion period from September 8 to 15, 2023. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a device that sets new standards in smartphone photography and content creation!

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  • High-resolution 4K front camera for stunning videos
  • Powerful MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chipset for seamless performance
  • Immersive 3D curved AMOLED screen with a 144Hz refresh rate
  • Collaboration with the Italian Pavilion in Venice for a global perspective
  • Available for purchase on September 14, 2023, with exclusive promotions

For more information, visit the official website of Infinix Mobile Thailand or follow the latest updates and activities on their Facebook page, Infinix Mobile Thailand.

Infinix, a good value smartphone brand All requests and responses to the lifestyle of the new generation Prepare to launch the latest premium smartphone camera line, Infinix ZERO 30 5G, with the slogan “Capture Your Own Story – Capture Every Moment That’s You”, and the selling point is the first smartphone in the market at a mid-range price Comes with a 4K front camera that supports up to 60FPS video recording to provide a superior content creation experience. In the price range of no more than 12,000 baht, along with a powerful 5G chipset, the MediaTek Dimensity 8020 comes with a 3D curved AMOLED screen that provides sharp, beautiful images. and a refresh rate of 144Hz to support full use. Meet the entertainment needs of users and inspire the new generation through the camera lens of the Infinix ZERO30 5G perfectly.

Infinix ZERO 30 5G comes with a beautiful, modern, easy-to-carry, easy-to-grip design, focusing on young people with lifestyles who love photography and vlog creators. A brand that supports video recording, the front camera has a resolution of up to 4K 60FPS with a 50-megapixel OIS image stabilization system, which guarantees that every detail of the image can be captured from every angle like a pro. and improve use efficiency. Smooth with a MediaTek Dimensity 8020 chipset, along with 256GB of memory and 12GB of RAM. This model has collaborated with the Italian Pavilion in Venice to organize a seminar on the concept “New Image, New Lifestyle | Cinema in the New Media, Hold Your Own Story” and premiered it at the Venice International Film Festival in Italy to create an impressive story reflected through a global perspective.

Phoenix fans, don’t miss it! Get ready to meet the Infinix ZERO30 5G, ready to officially launch and announce the price in Thailand on September 14, 2023, available online at the Infinix Official Store on Shopee, Lazada and TikTok Shop, which will brings promotions and great value deals. Special discount offer of up to 3,000 baht * Limited privileges only during the promotion period between 8 -15 September 2023 only!

Those interested can see more details on the website. Or follow good news, moves and activities from Infinix via Facebook Infinix Mobile Thailand.

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