Introducing the Mastroid Puma: The Ultimate Fusion of Style and Technology

Introducing the Mastroid Puma: The Perfect Fusion of Technology and Style

Unveiled as the Artic Blaze Color, Now Available in Thailand

Puma, the renowned running shoe brand, has seamlessly integrated its cutting-edge technology into the all-new Mastroid Puma. Released in May 2023, this Overtech concept shoe is finally ready to hit the shelves in Thailand.

Positioned as a casual shoe, the Mastroid Puma is far from ordinary. Packed with Puma’s signature technology, it effortlessly combines form and function. Featuring Nitro foam in its thickest form, this shoe boasts a unique design. It consists of two front-rear blocks, connected by a PWRPLATE carbon sheet that enhances energy return with every step you take.

The ULTRAWEAVE and PWRTAPE mesh uppers provide unmatched support and stability, while the specially designed Shark Fin heel lends additional cushioning and reinforcement. The outsole, featuring Puma’s trademark grippy forefoot and rear, draws inspiration from the beloved Fast-R Nitro Elite.

On wearing the Mastroid Puma, one immediately notices the flawless fit, thanks to its accurate sizing. The shoe offers exceptional comfort and maintains impeccable support throughout the foot, enabling fantastic agility. While this model is categorized as a casual shoe by Puma Thailand, it undoubtedly possesses the necessary technology to be perfect for running as well. Unleash your inner athlete and experience a shoe that effortlessly combines style and performance.

Furthermore, the Mastroid Puma comes in an impressively large box, complete with foam that snugly holds the shoe in place. Not only does this packaging add a touch of grandeur, but it also ensures that your purchase arrives in pristine condition.

Looking for the perfect pair of extreme shoes? The Mastroid Puma is now available at the Puma store. You can find this exceptional model at the Siam Center branch, located on the G floor, at a price point of 13,000 baht. However, for those seeking a discount, the Puma website offers a 15% reduction when using the exclusive code SNKR TODAY. As an added bonus, the web promotion lowers the price from 13,000 baht to an attractive 10,497.50 baht. Hurry and click here to take advantage of this incredible offer. Don’t forget to enter the code SNKRT15 during checkout!

With its fusion of innovative technology and unmatched style, the Mastroid Puma is a shoe for the discerning individuals who refuse to settle for ordinary. Get yours today and experience the perfect blend of form, function, and fashion!

MASTROID PUMA It is an Overtech concept shoe that combines the excellent technology of PUMA running shoes in this pair. It has been released since May 2023 and is now ready to be sold in Thailand as the Artic Blaze color.

for this model Installed in casual shoes position. But it’s packed full of Puma technology. Whether it is Nitro foam that comes in the thickest form, divided into 2 front-rear blocks connected by a PWRPLATE carbon sheet that helps strengthen the return.

The ULTRAWEAVE and PWRTAPE mesh uppers provide support and support, while the heel has a Shark Fin to help support the heel. As for the outsole, it’s Puma’s grippy forefoot and rear, which many people might be familiar with in the design. Because this shoe is inspired by the Fast-R Nitro Elite.

As far as trying to wear, the size is correct, the floor is high, thick, the middle of the foot is open, the floor is curved, just tilting the body, it pours forward, and this model Puma Thailand says it is a casual shoe. But for thinking you can take it for a run. Because the technology is full, only enter the 1st place and can’t get on the podium Because height over 40 mm is against the law, let’s say casual shoes that can run a little

Also the box that comes with this model is also very large. Inside, there is also a piece of foam that has a hole cut to fit the shoe as well. look really grand

Who likes extreme shoes like this? Available now at Puma store. We found this pair at Siam Center branch, floor G, price 13,000 baht. There are not many numbers. For those who want a discount You can use the special code SNKR TODAY for a 15% discount on the Puma website. And now along with the web promotion from 13,000 baht to 10,497.50 baht, follow this link. And don’t forget to enter the code SNKRT15.

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