Introducing the Tiffany Lock ROSÉ Edition Collection: A Collaboration with Blackpink’s Rosé

Black Pink’s Rosé Collaborates with Tiffany & Co. for Exclusive Jewelry Collection

Renowned luxury brand Tiffany & Co. has unveiled its latest collaboration with pop star icon and brand ambassador, Black Pink’s Rosé. This new campaign, titled the Tiffany Lock ROSÉ Edition collection, showcases an exquisite line of fine jewelry designed exclusively for the talented singer.

In April, Rosé was honored with the prestigious position of Global Ambassador for Tiffany & Co., solidifying her status as an Asian girl icon of the era. With this partnership, she effortlessly merges her individual style with the brand’s timeless appeal.

The focal point of the collection is a very special jewelry design crafted for the 26-year-old superstar. Using 18K rose gold, which contains 75% gold, the pieces are adorned with pink sapphires, one of the most valuable gemstones in the market. The inclusion of this precious gem serves to convey a symbol of love and power.

The inspiration for this collaboration traces back to the year 1883, when Tiffany & Co. first introduced its iconic lock design. This established motif, featured in the Tiffany Lock ROSÉ Edition, pays homage to the brand’s rich heritage dating back over 184 years. By incorporating elements of retro key locks with a U-string design, the collection beautifully communicates the brand’s emphasis on unrivaled craftsmanship and design content.

The jewelry pieces in this collection stand out for their sleek and slim shape, available in various options such as rings, earrings, and small or medium necklace pendants. The Tiffany Lock ROSÉ Edition will make its debut at the new Omotesando store in Tokyo, Japan, on September 9, 2023. Shortly after, on September 15, it will be available for purchase in China, Korea, and New York City, allowing fans around the world to experience the allure of this luxurious beauty from October 1, 2023.

As the news spread, fans flocked to Rose’s Instagram account (@roses_are_rosie) to catch a glimpse of the stunning collection. The anticipation and admiration for this collaboration between top brands has been overwhelming, reaffirming Rose’s status as a pop star representative of a renowned girl group in this era.

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Opening the Tiffany Lock ROSÉ Edition collection, a new campaign with the design of the most exclusive luxury fine jewelry for Rosé by the girl group Black Pink. Blackpink, a collaboration between the brand ambassador, the pop star icon of the time, and the old world of the brand.

Having previously been crowned in April to take on an important role with the latest Global Ambassador Position.Tiffany & Co. The most luxurious brands from the country. The latest Asian girl icon of the era Blackpink rose Shows its own vibe and the equipment from the sponsoring brand. With the launch of a powerful new collection “Tiffany Lock ROSÉ Edition”

A very special jewelery design for the 26-year-old singer Kimchi. The collection also uses raw materials of 18K rose gold, which contains 75% gold, together with a pink sapphire. One of the highest values ​​in the gem market. It is a gem in the same group as ruby, sapphire, and topaz, and the brand has specially chosen to include it in this luxurious piece of jewelry. Convey a symbol of love and power.

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Inspiration Tiffany Lock Rose Edition Tiffany Lock ROSÉ Edition

For the details of the origin that is the inspiration for creating jewelery We must go all the way back to 1883. Because the brand has declared it Whole jewelery Necklace and pendant from the latest collection of collaboration with a brand that has been around since over 184 years.

with another contemporary Korean artist who is a leader in the world of art and fashion at that time There is a prototype in the design of Bring jewelry to design in the form of a retro key lock with a U string (Clap Lock), which is another way of communicate the brand. who want to emphasize design content and craftsmanship that is unbeatable or comparable. along with showing respect for the heritage of jewelery shops that have been passed down for more than several centuries. Like a bond poem that can never be broken or broken. which connects us to the power of infinite love. which expresses the concept of the latest collection. Introduced through the pink sapphire which is the center of the story and the heart of it all.

This particular jewelery collection also stands out with its slim shape. available in rings and earrings. and a small or medium necklace pendant

The Tiffany Lock ROSÉ Edition collection will be launched at the new Omotesando store in Tokyo. Japan on September 9 and on September 15, 2023, respectively. At the same time, it will be available for sale in China, Korea, and in New York City. And it will present it to regular fans of the brand around the world to see this luxurious beauty together on October 1, 2023.

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In this regard, the latest move on the Instagram or IG account of Rose’s daughter @roses_are_rosie There was also an update to the set of collections for events with top brands. And all the Bling fans flocked to sing a tune of pure admiration, like a pop star representative of a famous girl group of this period.

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