Introduction: Results from the world economy

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade He revealed on November 28 that the number of Thai exports in October 2022 was negative 4.4%, but if it was in baht, along with 6.7%, agricultural products and agro-industry. industrial products Minerals and fuel are all negative, but a total of 10 months are all positive. As for the main export markets in October, minus 4.5%, such as the United States, minus 0.9%, China minus 8.5%, Japan minus 3.1%, ASEAN minus 3.6%, etc. Markets that grew well in October, such as Switzerland (+103.5%), Saudi Arabia (+49.6%) Laos (+28.8%) Australia (+18.8%) Vietnam (+13.3%) Taiwan (+6.3%) Cambodia (+5.2%) United Arab Emirates ( +4.1%) ) United Kingdom (+3.7%) and Mexico (+1.1%).

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade said that in the remaining two months, the Thai economy has an opportunity to slow down in line with the global economy and weakened purchasing power. which has a chance to be negative or also low however It is believed that exports as a whole in 2022 will expand beyond the target of 4%, see 7-8% and have a value of more than 9 trillion baht, which in 10 months has expanded more than 9%, many countries are negative for the first time for many years. Months such as China, the United States, exports are still an important engine to drive the country’s economy. Next week, the Ministry of Commerce and the private sector under the Ministry of Commerce will meet to discuss and listen to the problem. Speeding up the best export Last year the world economy was up 6%, this year it’s up 3.2%, next year it’s probably up 2.7%.

The solution prepared by the Deputy Prime Minister is to convene various agencies to do detailed homework to find new markets instead. Already there are the countries of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. which is a good approach And it should be done quickly to minimize the impact on Thai entrepreneurs and Thai people. From the statement of Mr. Jurin, he saw that clearly The global economy is affecting Thailand’s economy, but Thailand still has opportunities in terms of tourism. while there is still demand for Thai food products The future of the country’s economy in 2023 is worrying. The government must have a warning to the public. and accelerate to support industrial development in accordance with the changing trend of the world Including looking for opportunities from the crisis that will surely occur.

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