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There are quite a few actresses in Taiwan who marry into rich families, some of them marry domestic political and business celebrities, but there are also some female artists who, after marrying into rich families, settle in Hong Kong because their husbands and their wives following the same. , and live a trapeze life, or simply disappear from the entertainment industry. Focusing on the life of a husband and child. For example, the former 51-year-old actress Hu Qingwen, from 1996 to 2006, she was the leading hostess in Taiwan’s entertainment industry. Because of her fluent eloquence, beautiful appearance, and intelligence, she has the titles “Queen of Activities” and “Queen of Advertising”. However, after Hu Qingwen married Rong Chengde, general manager of Hong Kong Rong Group in 2006, she completely faded from showbiz and settled in Hong Kong.

Hu Qingwen is from Kinmen, Taiwan, and when she was studying at Jingyi University, she participated in the selection of Johnson & Johnson’s beautiful baby and became a Johnson & Johnson spokesperson, which opened her first opportunity to be active in front of the screen. Later, after graduating from university, she became a flight attendant, but because she was picked up by a TV station and co-hosted the show “Entertainment 7-UP” with Guo Ziqian, she officially stepped into the entertainment industry.

Actress Hu Qingwen and her husband have lived in Hong Kong for many years (right). When she took a picture with He Ruyun early last year, her appearance and condition have not changed at all. (Photo/Photo from the newspaper section, reposted from He Ruyun’s Facebook page)

Compared to many guests in the entertainment industry, Hu Qingwen only debuted for about 10 years, which is not particularly long. But in her 10 years of acting career, her achievements are quite impressive. In addition to shooting a bunch of commercials for shampoo, home appliances, underwear, etc., she was also the first choice host of major press conferences and promotional events due to her fluent tongue.

In addition to commercials and hosts, Hu Qingwen also stepped into dramas, filming dramas such as “Spicy Fresh Master”; later he also hosted programs such as “MTV Gods List” and “Variety Show Collection”, and even published “Travel Maintenance Beauty Book” “”, transformed into a writer, and his acting career has varied tentacles.

Actress Hu Qingwen.  (Photo/Newspaper Information Photo)
Actress Hu Qingwen. (Photo/Newspaper Information Photo)

Hu Qingwen, whose overall acting image is mostly positive, has had “dew point” incidents like some controversial actresses in the past. In 2006, Korean star Cheng Yuri came to Taiwan to endorse cosmetics, but at the promotional press conference, the host Hu Qingwen’s photo was taken, probably because of the low-cut dress with pink spots on the spot , by many photographers on the spot, which she later refuted, not at all For the sake of the page, she deliberately grabbed Yuli’s forehead.

Regarding the relationship, when Hu Qingwen was in the entertainment industry, she dated former producer Yu Kaier. The two had a long-distance relationship for 8 years, but in the end they died without issue. Later, after she broke up with Yu Kaier, she married Rong Chengde, the chairman of Hong Kong Rong Group, whom she had been dating for a year.

Actress Hu Qingwen, like Liao Jiayi, Bai Xinhui, Wu Peici and Jia Xinhui are all actresses who have settled in Hong Kong now.  (Photo/Newspaper Information Photo)
Actress Hu Qingwen, like Liao Jiayi, Bai Xinhui, Wu Peici and Jia Xinhui are all actresses who have settled in Hong Kong now. (Photo/Newspaper Information Photo)

It is said that Hu Qingwen’s husband is worth tens of billions, and that he has companies in mainland China and Hong Kong. Hu Qingwen also announced that she would disappear from showbiz immediately after her marriage. After that, she settled in Hong Kong with her husband and bore her a pair of children. In recent years, she has not been active in the showbiz circle at all, and has only occasionally gathered with the good sisters Liao Jiayi, Wu Peici, Bai Xinhui and Jia Xinhui, who have also settled in Hong Kong. The outside world can only get a glimpse of the demeanor of the former “Queen of Activities” by taking a group photo.