Investigating Immigration 1, disguised as tourists, arrested 11 foreigners selling roti-kebabs on Khao San Road, stealing Thai people’s careers.

Investigate Immigration 1, arrest Myanmar gangs fleeing to the city Open a Roti Kebab shop on Khao San Road to compete for Thai people’s careers.

On February 8, Acting Police Colonel Kajphon Patang, Superintendent of Investigation, Immigration Section 1, received a complaint from the public that within Khao San Road and Soi Rambuttri, Chanasongkram Subdistrict, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok There are many foreigners coming to opening a shop in the form of a cart selling roti, kebabs, which are forbidden occupations Stealing a career for Thai people

Later, on February 7, ordered Pol Lt. Col. Suriya Puangsombat, Deputy Superintendent of Investigation, Immigration Section 1, to inspect and hold a planning meeting. in order to carry out inspections and arrests Police officers from the Investigation Department, Immigration Section 1, disguised as tourists, went to investigate as people gave clues. It was found that many foreigners are opening roti and kebab shops inside Soi Rambuttri. posing as an immigration police officer along with showing their ID card to foreigners

when the police check it Many aliens caught up and ran away, leaving only a shopping cart. So in custody 11 Myanmar nationals, namely 1. Mr. Ta Ong, 21 years old, 2. Mr. Moyam Ae, 20 years old, 3. Mr. Hong Thai, 33 years old, 4. Mr. U, 25 years old. years, 5.Mr. Toray, 19 years old, 6.Mr Miso, 30 years old, 7.Mr Orjun, 33 years old, 8.Ms. Lenevy, 29 years old, 9.Mr. 33 years old, 10. Ms Waew, 46 years old, 11. Ms Mu Mu, 28 years old, during the examination of all 11 Myanmar nationals who were unable to show their passports and Work Permit documents to officials see them

However, peddling is a forbidden job. Aliens can’t do it. Which is an offense under Section 8 of the Foreign Work Control Decree, 2017, amended (2nd edition) 2018, and all admitted that they had smuggled into the Kingdom at the border with Thailand and came to open a shop selling roti, kebabs, and other products with Thai and foreign customers The average daily income has not yet removed the cost of 1,000-1,500 baht, creating a lot of trouble for Thai people who trade correctly in the area.

Police officers from the Immigration Bureau’s Investigation Division 1 have notified the rights and allegations to all 11 Myanmar nationals that “foreigners are entering and staying in the Kingdom without permission and without passing through .” Inspection of immigration officers on channels allowed by law And whether foreigners work outside the right to do so “All 11 people were then taken and sent to investigators. Royal Thai Police for legal action further.

for such clearance Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat, the Commissioner General of Police, appointed the Immigration Office to be the lead agency. Investigate and enforce the law against foreigners who engage in inappropriate behavior while living in Thailand. breaking the law causing danger to the peace and security of life and property of the people causing damage to the country’s image or a group of migrant criminals who come undercover to commit crimes against Thai people or foreigners Using Thailand as a base for committing crimes under the direction of Pakphoomphiphat Sajaphat, Commissioner of Immigration, Pol. Maj. Gen. Panthana Nuchanart, Deputy Commissioner of Immigration, Pol. Maj. Gen. Piyaanan Tosakul Wong, Immigration Commander 1, Pol. Col. Rapeephat Utsaha, Deputy Commissioner of Immigration 1, is responsible for the investigation. which has ordered to speed up the investigation into aliens who have smuggled behavior to work illegally Avoiding paying taxes that take advantage of entrepreneurs who earn their living honestly Including smuggling foreigners to work contrary to the provisions of the law in area of ​​responsibility.

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