Investigation as a theft case where a man breaks into a jewelry store and steals goods Tokyo Ueno | NHK

Before 7 pm on the 7th, a man broke into a precious metal store in Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, smashed the shop window with something like a crowbar, took dozens of precious metals from the product and escaped.

According to the London Police Department, at that time, a man suddenly entered the store when one store clerk was preparing to close the store. The clerk was not injured.

The man was wearing a helmet and fled on a motorbike parked near the shop, so the London Police Department is investigating the whereabouts of the man who fled by analyzing the security cameras around him as a robbery case.

The scene was in a corner of the downtown area near JR Okachimachi Station, and in the nearby area, watches and other items were stolen from a brand-name shopping store last month, and watches worth 100 million yen were stolen from a precious metal store . in March there was a series of thefts.


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