Investors flock to sell stocks, press SET INDEX to fall -15.15 points, keep an eye on the Fed to accelerate interest rates, weak baht


The Thai stock market closed down -15.15 points, the broker pointed out that investors flocked to sell to reduce risks before the Fed meeting. that may raise interest rates again Looking at the trend this Thursday (5 May 65) the market reopened after the Coronation Day holiday. Expect a chance to recover, look at resistance 1670 points, support 1,650 points

The Thai stock market closed for trading on May 3, 2022, down -15.15 points or more than -0.91%, closing the market at 1,652.29 points, trading value 67,070.07 million baht during the day. The index moved in negative territory all day. before falling sharply in the end of the market During the day, the SET INDEX rose as high as 1668.54 points, while it dropped as low as 1649.50 points.

Today’s changing stocks rose 338, 371 were unchanged, and down 1,509.

In terms of trading volume classified by investor group, it was found that Domestic investors had a net buy of +1,185.89 million baht, the securities account had a net buy of +585.05 million baht, and an institutional investor had a net purchase of +63.51 million baht. Foreign investors net sales of more than -1,834.45 million baht.

As for the securities with the highest trading value, the 5 securities
1.SCB trading value 3,036.96 million baht, closed at 117.50 baht, increased 2.50 baht.
2.BANPU, trading value 2,290.15 million baht, closing at 12.20 baht, a decrease of 0.10 baht.
3.BDMS trading value 2,271.27 million baht, closing at 25.25 baht, a decrease of 0.50 baht.
4.ADVANC trading value 1,266.96 million baht, closing at 212.00 baht, a decrease of 3.00 baht.
5.KBANK trading value 1,232.39 million baht, closed at 151.00 baht, decreased by 2.00 baht

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The top 5 SET100 indexes with the biggest gains are:
1.SCB closed at 117.50 baht, an increase of 2.50 baht or 2.17%.
2.KKP closed at 73.00 baht, an increase of 0.75 baht or 1.04%.
3.TISCO (XD) closed at 91.50 baht, an increase of 0.75 baht or 0.83%.
4.MAJOR closed at 21.10 baht, an increase of 0.60 baht or 2.93%.
5.HANA closes at 45.50 baht, an increase of 0.50 baht or 1.11%.

The five SET100 indices with the biggest price drop are:
1.ADVANC closes at 212.00 baht, a decrease of 3.00 baht or 1.40%.
2.PTTEP closes at 148.50 baht, a decrease of 2.50 baht or 1.66%.
3.CENTEL closed at 44.25 baht, a decrease of 2.25 baht or 4.84%.
4.TQM closed at 47.75 baht, a decrease of 2.00 baht or 4.02%.
5.KBANK closes at 151.00 baht, a decrease of 2.00 baht or 1.31

While the SET100 index closed at 2,236.62 points, down -14.00 points or -0.62%, the SET50 index closed at 979.01 points, down -4.55 points, or -0.46%, and the mai market index closed at 646.73 points, down -23.15 points or -3.46%.

Securities analyst department of Trinity Securities revealed that stock investment strategy in May recommends to wait to buy at the first support of the index at 1,630 points, while the important support this month is in the range of 1,580-1,600. points, expecting the stock market to be pressured by 6 major risk factors Both high inflation, weak baht, brokers prepare to adjust profit forecasts Listed companies (Co., Ltd.) support the impact of higher costs from diesel fuel shifts. and foreign sales after a net purchase of more than 120 billion baht

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While Yuanta Securities (Thailand) said the SET Index closed down due to selling pressure to reduce risks before the Fed’s FOMC meeting on May 4, 2022, the weaker group was energy. , communications, retail, and finance. The groups that have increased are transportation, petrochemicals.

Mr. Chaiyaporn Nompitakcharoen Deputy Managing Director of Bualuang Securities said that the Thai stock market has declined today. Received selling pressure to reduce the risk before the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting after considering an interest rate hike again As a result, the yield on the 10-year US Treasury (Bond yield) rose nearly 3%, putting pressure on the stock market. And selling pressure on small and medium sized stocks put a lot of pressure on the index today. Although the trading volume is not much while the Thai stock market tomorrow (4 May 65) will be closed for 1 more day, causing investors to sell and reduce the risk of the portfolio first. And wait to see the factors of the Fed meeting tonight and tomorrow. In addition, the depreciation of the baht will also put pressure on the Thai stock market. Most Asian stock markets are closed today. As for stock markets that are open, they move alternatingly with positive and negative movements.

The trend of the Thai stock market on Thursday. (May 5, 65) Still have to see how the Fed meeting will come out. And how does it signal a rate hike at the next meeting? which sees that if there are no surprise factors and as the market expected, the index may rebound and swing up by giving resistance 1670 points and support 1,650 points

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