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Invincible Novel is a very powerful novel app in Android. It not only provides a large number of free novels, but also has a complete classification function, allowing you to quickly find your favorite novels. At the same time, it also has the function of listening to the book. You can switch to storytelling and change to the way of reading, which is very convenient.

However, here is a reminder that the source of the free novels provided by this app is uncertain, and those who mind are advised to skip it.

Invincible novels App introduction, built-in listening function, a large number of free novels

After opening the Invincible Novel App, you will be asked to select “Traditional Chinese” or “Simplified Chinese” first, followed by book characters. The character part will affect the type of recommended novels displayed on the homepage. For example, if you choose a male protagonist, the homepage will appear suitable for boys. Novels read:

Then you will go to the homepage. The impact I just mentioned is the top “recommended for boys” and “recommended for girls”. If you choose a male lead, “recommended for boys” will appear on the first page, and if you choose a female lead, it will become “recommended for girls”. It doesn’t matter, just switch it manually, or go to my menu to modify:

Click on the library to view all the category menus. The major categories include “By Category, By Story, By Character, By Space, By Style and By Rank”, it depends on which genre you like. If you really don’t know what to watch, you can go to the ranking Find in the list:

The leaderboard also provides many categories, such as peak popularity, monthly potential list, popular list, etc., each of which has a recommendation index. It is recommended to find a higher one so that it is not easy to step on thunder:

The inner page of each category also has a recommendation index, how many words, how many people have read it, and there is a filter function at the top:

Once you find a novel you are interested in, press “Read Now” to start reading:

Support gesture operation, swipe right or left to switch to the previous page, tap the screen to jump to the next page, and long press anywhere on the screen and then release, you can open the menu function:

After opening the menu, you can find the “Listen to Book” function at the bottom, and the background color can also be changed:

To use the listening mode for the first time, you need to download the audio resource package:

This playback mode can also manually adjust the speed, you can speak slower or faster if you want:

If you want to listen before going to bed, etc., it also has a countdown function. After setting the time, it will automatically stop talking, and you don’t need to press it manually, which is quite convenient. In addition, if you don’t like the preset voice, you can also change it to other voices. There are four voices, the old Taoist priest, the magnetic difficulty, the gentle girl and the cute girl:

There is also a bookshelf function, you can add your favorite novels here, which is convenient to open and read in the future. There seem to be three books in the preset bookshelf, Jiangnan Beyond the Great Wall, Peerless Sword God and Taoist Sunshine (if you choose a male protagonist), if you don’t want it, remove it manually:

After using for a period of time, the cache will be more and more, it is recommended to clean it regularly so as not to take up too much space on the phone, enter the My menu to find the function of clearing the cache. In the personal settings at the top, you can change the hero or heroine:

Every novel has a book friend comment function, so it is recommended to read it before reading it, and see how everyone’s wind comments make a decision.

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