Invisible Team | Liu Yingxuan sells sexy netizens every day, but she can’t get it: her family is not bad, so why wait on TVB

25-year-old Xiaohua Liu Yingxuan (Tiffany) of TVB played the role of Xing Feng, the only female member of the anti-terrorist special service team in the popular drama “Invisible Team”. Liu Yingxuan even showed off the three-point swimsuit in the drama, and some of the male viewers said that it was difficult to concentrate on the show because it was too attractive.

Xing Feng (played by Liu Yingxuan) led Shanshan (played by Wu Leyi) to run wildly on the street. The scene was quite obvious, as if he was tapping his feet to sell an advertisement of sunshine and youthful vitality. .

👇 Click on the picture below to see Liu Yingxuan’s multicolored vest👇

Liu Yingxuan was born and raised in Los Angeles, USA. In 2016, she won the second prize and Miss Photogenic in Miss Hong Kong. After staying in Hong Kong to work on her own, she was also highly praised by TVB. He first took on the role of “Right Learning and Wrong Learning” and entered the house successfully; then he took the Turkish bath in the Turkish episode of the program “3 Days 2 Nights”. Liu Yingxuan, who is 1.76 meters tall, showed off her 42-inch long legs and hot body, and bounced again.

Click to see Liu Yingxuan on “3 Days 2 Nights” screen:

Liu Yingxuan has shown her good figure in many dramas, including “Youth Shameless” as Jiang Zhiyan (Peggie) based on Maggie Cheung (Maggie). She wears a retro swimsuit, which is quite eye-catching. When Liu Yingxuan ran for the election, she was rumored to be second generation rich, but she later denied it. She once revealed that she lived with relatives and friends when she first came to Hong Kong, and later had to work part-time to complete her university degree. She did not provide for her family for a while. the epidemic, she stayed in Hong Kong alone, and she almost suffered from depression because she missed her family too much.

Liu Yingxuan posted a copy of Maggie Cheung’s swimsuit photo in the drama. (IG: @itstiffanylau)

A few days ago, a netizen asked in the discussion area: “Mingqu’s background is not bad, why should I stay with TVB”, which attracted many answers. Some people think that many TVB artists have a good family background, and even the rich second generation do not care about being rich. Without the financial support of their parents, they cannot rely on TVB to support their families. her development on ViuTV, “I don’t want her to go to viutv.” Some fans pointed out that Liu Yingxuan started wanting to watch TVB, “because she wants to watch TVB.”

Liu Yingxuan (Tiffany) participated in Miss Hong Kong in 2016 and won second place. (television snapshot)
In 2016, Liu Yingxuan (Tiffany) when she was running for Miss Hong Kong. (profile picture)

In addition, some people pointed out that Liu Yingxuan’s series of dramas and programs are all sexual as a selling point, “every role is like that”. Checking the information, Liu Yingxuan appeared in “Brothers” with a girl sexually beating; “Treading the Boundary II” has a shocking rape scene; “Super Messenger” is semi-naked in the bathroom showing her beautiful back; “Iron Fist Hero” wears a lace top and succeeds by being better sexually.

Relive Liu Yingxuan’s sex scene selling:

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