Involved in the raising scandal | It is reported that Zheng Shuang’s withdrawal statement was revoked by the Huading Award for Best Actress (16:38)-20210120-SHOWBIZ

The 29-year-old mainland actress Zheng Shuang, who has soared in popularity with “A Little Smile”, was burst into marriage with Zhang Heng and found a surrogate mother in the United States to give birth to a son and a daughter, but the two had divorced before the child was born. According to mainland media reports, Zheng Shuang deliberately abandoned raising a child, and his image was big. Following Prada’s cancellation of his role as a spokesperson, the Huading Award was announced on the official website today. “And the honorary title of “The 13th Huading Awards National Audience’s Top Ten Most Favorite TV Stars”

Zheng Shuang appeared in the Beijing video “Crossover Comedy King” last night. When some media approached her about the “abandonment” incident, Zheng Shuang said nothing during the whole process, and some staff even took pictures. Afterwards, it was reported that during Zheng Shuang’s video show, he recorded a statement to withdraw from the entertainment circle; the TV station is also studying the plan for substitution.

In addition, a vocal cord of suspected parents of Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng also appeared on the Internet. Some people said that giving away children is a good thing and can satisfy families without children. Zheng Shuang admitted on Weibo that Zhang Heng’s parents asked her parents to apologize for a 6-hour recording, and it was revealed that Zhang Heng had cheated in the past.

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