Inzone Fnatic and Sony In Multi-Year Partnership – Gamereactor

London-based esports organization Fnatic has announced that it has teamed up with Sony and its Inzone-branded products in a multi-year partnership. The deal will make Inzone the official gaming headset of Fnatic and its monitoring partner, and will also see Fnatic shed light on Sony’s future development of Inzone products.

“By combining Sony’s cutting-edge visual and audio technologies with Fnatic’s unrivaled expertise, we are designing several initiatives with Fnatic, such as co-creating game tools and launching content, which will add a whole new dimension to gaming life,” said Sony Corp. Hiroshi Nakamura, head of the entertainment business unit. “Sony Group’s corporate direction is ‘close to people’, and in this case, the distance to the gaming community becomes closer.

The partnership will also give Fnatic’s biggest creators access to Inzone products and integration with the brand, and likewise, the Inzone logo will now appear on Fnatic jerseys.


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