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IOC chairman, video call with ‘disappearance’ Pengsomi… “Check Safety”

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Chinese tennis star Feng Xiaoyi, whose disappearance rumors have been raised, has personally confirmed his safety through the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

IOC Chairman Thomas Bach had a video call with Feng Shun on the 21st local time, the IOC said in a statement.

According to a statement, Feng said that she is now doing well in her Beijing home and wants her privacy to be respected.

He also emphasized that he will continue playing tennis, the sport he loves so much, even though he wants to spend time with his friends and family now, the IOC said.

The video call lasted about 30 minutes and was attended by IOC Athletes’ Commissioner Emma Terho and Chinese IOC member Li Lingwei, Reuters reported.

After the video call, Athletes Committee Chairman Terjo said, “I am relieved to confirm that Peng is doing well.

The IOC also introduced that at the end of the video call, after Chairman Bach arrived in Beijing in January next year, the IOC had decided to invite Feng to dinner, and Feng also gladly accepted it.

This video call took place amid growing international concerns about Peng’s personal safety.

Shei Feng, who climbed to No. 1 in the doubles world rankings on the women’s pro tennis tour in 2014, posted on her Weibo account on the 2nd, stating that Zhang Ga-ori, who retired in 2018, sexually assaulted her, and that she was forced into an inappropriate relationship for many years after that. .

This post was deleted after about 20 minutes, and the whereabouts of Pengshun have since been obscure.

As a result, suspicions arose that he was de facto detained for exposing the riches of a big politician, and the international community pressured the Chinese government to present evidence to prove Peng’s whereabouts and safety.

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