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IOC demands consent for “corona immunity”… Tokyo Olympics is coming to a close

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[이데일리 스타in 이석무 기자] The Tokyo Olympics, which are scheduled to be held in July, are nearing a point. Increasingly, it is heading toward the’closest Olympics’.

Thomas Bach Chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). (Photo = AFPBBNews)

Despite the severe spread of Corona 19 in Japan, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which is crying out for “unconditional holding of the Tokyo Olympics,” this time has been controversial as it is revealed that it is pushing for a pledge of “if you get corona 19, you are responsible for it” to athletes.

Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun said, “Rana Hadard, IOC Chief Operating Officer (COO), announced at an online forum held on the 27th local time in Geneva that the organizers would be exempted even if athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics are infected with Corona 19 during the tournament. He announced his intention,” he reported on the 29th. According to the newspaper, Hadard COO said, “There is no government or health authority that can guarantee that it will not be infected.”

This agreement has also been in other competitions in the past. The IOC also emphasizes that the submission of consent is not a new condition caused by Corona 19, but a’procedure’ that has continued from before. The history of’Playbook’, a booklet that summarizes the COVID-19 quarantine measures related to the Tokyo Olympics, says, “I agree to participate in the competition under my own responsibility.”

However, in a situation where the lives and health of players can be seriously threatened by Corona 19, the request to agree to the’organizer’s immunity’ is bound to be irresponsible. In particular, in the case of the Tokyo Olympics, the contents of the agreement were reported to be more specific than other competitions. Japan’s Mainichi Shimbun reported that “this agreement is an unusual content that mentions the possibility of serious illness or death.” There are signs of being conscious of responsibility for the Corona 19 problem.

The newspaper pointed out that “at least the six recent summer and winter tournament agreements did not contain phrases such as’infectious disease’ or’death’,” and pointed out that the same was true of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics when there was concern about the Zika virus. .

As the IOC ignores the risk of Corona 19 and focuses on the competition, concerns are growing. The Taiwanese national baseball team officially announced on the 25th that “we have decided to give up participation in the Tokyo Olympics due to the health and safety of the players.” New Zealand, which declared the team’s absence before the Tokyo Olympics was postponed in March last year, is still not changing its position.

In the meantime, the Japanese government is getting another backlash by rejecting the South Korean’s request to delete Dokdo, which is marked as Japanese territory on the map of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee’s website.

Japanese Minister Kato Katsunobu said at a press conference held at the Japanese Prime Minister’s residence on the 28th, “Takeshima (the name of Dokdo as claimed by Japan) is clearly a territory of Japan and is clearly unique to Japan in terms of international law. It cannot be accepted.” He added, “Based on our determination to continue to protect our territory, territorial seas, and airspace, we want to respond to the Takeshima issue with a calm and willingness at the same time.”

If Japan does not delete Dokdo, the possibility that Korea will not participate in the event was added, “We are aware that national Olympic Committees (NOC) and National Paralympic Committees (NPC) will decide on the dispatch of goodwill.

As Japan and the IOC reveal their true color to think only of political purpose and money making for the Tokyo Olympics, the goal of the Olympics, a festival of people around the world and a festival of peace, is turning into an empty echo.


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