iOS 16.1.2 Guomibi update|Improve 4G/5G stability Important security fixes

Apple announced the iOS 16.1.2 update. This update has once again corrected the errors of the previous version. Although no new features have been added, three major errors have been improved. Therefore, iPhone users are still advised to update as soon as possible to avoid bugs in the phone.

1) Improve compatibility with telecommunications providers

Previously, some iPhone users found that after upgrading to iOS 16, the mobile network sometimes randomly jumps between 4G and 5G, and often changes the network signal automatically. And iOS 16.1.2 has improved the compatibility with telecom operators and improved the stability of 4G/5G networks that accept iPhone.

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2) Optimizing “Car Accident Detection”

The iPhone 14 Pro series has added a car accident detection function, which can automatically send an emergency call when a car accident occurs. However, in many cases earlier, it was found that the iPhone would mistake rapid acceleration and sudden braking such as roller coaster like a car accident and make an emergency call. iOS 16.1.2 has optimized settings for car accident detection, and is expected to be able to judge the actual situation more accurately.

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3) security solutions

Since the launch of iOS 16, almost all versions have more or less vulnerabilities.. Although Apple has not clearly stated the content of the iOS 16.1.2 security update this time, it is recommended to update iOS to the latest version of.

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