iOS 17 code leaks, but reveals iPhone 15 information

Who would have thought that the iOS 17 code leaked, but the iPhone 15 got the blame. In recent years, Apple’s security measures have become less and less strict. The lack of strictness does not mean that Apple is lax, but that there are more and more thieves.

Because of the great attention given to Apple, creators, analysts, and even passers-by from all kinds of tech influencers try their best to dig up big news. There are more and more new products, and there was a rule, the closer the time, the more accurate the news. Before the release of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, many technology media even solved the information based on Internet revelations, which is not much different from the real phone, and the accuracy is very high .

Normally speaking, the true news of iPhone 15 should be revealed in July this year, but I didn’t expect an accident to make the news about iPhone 15 available in advance, that is, iOS 17. iOS 17 is usually announced at the WWDC Developers Conference in June, and then provide beta testing, and the official system will not be launched until the new iPhone is released in September. As a result, the iOS 17 code was obtained by foreign media during the development, and the detailed information of the iPhone 15 was decrypted based on the code.

It can be seen from iOS 17 that there will be no major functional developments, especially now that there are many bugs in iOS, and many users are unwilling to update. Even with iOS 16, which has a usage rate of 70%, many users only update after changing appearance. Additionally, Apple’s development focus is shifting towards the new AR/XR wearable device, so iOS 17 is still mostly patched. LeaksApplePro, who cracked the iOS 17 code, said that iOS 17 still focuses on stability and efficiency, and upgrades the Mail, Fitness, Wallet, Home and Find My apps.

In addition, LeaksApplePro also mentioned that iOS 17 will add new applications related to AR / VR, similar to the Apple Watch application, with more functions. According to the previous news, Apple did not put much effort into iOS 17, and focused on the headset, hoping to rely on this to make the release a “small highlight”. Now various news have been interwoven, indicating that the accuracy of this matter is very high.

Apple’s AR/VR device, called “Reality Pro,” supports eye and hand tracking, has both AR and VR modes, and lets users type in the air. The basic functions support applications such as Safari, photos, mail, messages, App Store, Apple TV, etc., and it can also be connected to a Mac as an external monitor. The news is fake and true, back to the topic, let’s see what iOS 17 revealed about iPhone 15.

A total of six “Dynamic Island” equipment

iOS 17 supports six devices with “Dynamic Island”. no news that the miniseries will be revived).

From the release of the dynamic island to the present, in addition to users confirming the innovation on the “flaws”, it also affects the daily use experience, and the position of the dynamic island is relatively low, and it’ the sense of presence is great. improve when playing games and watching videos horizontally. Apple did not understand the pain points of users in detail, and the dynamic island design continued, which means that Apple will not change the product design in the next three years, just like the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro.

iPhone 15 is completely replaced by Type-C

This news has been circulating since two years ago, and now there is finally evidence. At the beginning of October 2022, the European Parliament passed a bill, and new 3C smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and cameras that will be sold in the EU in the fall of 2024 must be united as USB Type-C charging interfaces. . Later, US CNBC reported that Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, said that Apple must comply with EU regulations.

So Apple started with the iPhone 15. Although the iPhone 15 series uses the Type-C interface, there are still speed differences. The wired transfer rate of Lightning interface devices still stops at USB 2.0 version. For example, the wired transfer rate from iPhone 14 Pro to Mac is only 33MB/s.

Although the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are replaced by Type-C, the transfer rate is still similar to the Lightning interface. Only the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have increased speed and support rates similar to USB 3.2. According to the standard, the maximum transfer rate is 2GB/s.

Support Wi-Fi 6E

Wi-Fi 6E is there, but not all. iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus do not support Wi-Fi 6E, because some whistleblowers said that the antenna structure diagram of iPhone 15 does not support Wi-Fi 6E, so iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are the first for Apple support mobile phone Wi-Fi 6E.

The absence of Wi-Fi 6E won’t have much of an impact on most users. The E of Wi-Fi 6E means extended, and it is still based on Wi-Fi 6. The difference between the two will not be too great. On top of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, more 6Ghz frequency bands are added to provide more 160MHz bandwidth. Based on Wi-Fi 6 itself, inter-channel interference is reduced, and the WPA3 encryption protocol is supported.

In any case, China has not opened the 6GHz frequency band to Wi-Fi, so Wi-Fi 6E technology cannot be used anyway, and it cannot be seen or eaten. Apple’s new Mac mini and MacBook Pro support Wi-Fi 6E, and of course the Chinese version cannot be used.

Allow third-party app downloads

In March 2022, the European Union enacted the “Digital Market Law” to regulate large-scale Internet companies, which will come into effect on November 1. The bill bans certain gatekeepers who “act as intermediaries and players ” from taking advantage of data sharing, software installation, platform selection, advertising promotion, etc. to obtain high monopoly profits or limit competition in the market, and require the operating system to allow multiple. application repositories to install. If you break the rules, you will be fined 4% ~ 20% of the global turnover in the financial year.

Judging from the iOS 17 code, Apple is finally ready to open the process of installing third-party applications. However, Apple is not open to the world, it only prepares for the monopoly lawsuits of some countries, for example, the EU countries are open, and other places remain the same. However, the differential treatment will lead to more countries asking to open up to Apple, and there may be more lawsuits to fight.

It clearly feels that Apple only cares about the AR/VR devices that will appear for the first time, and the iOS update is quite perfunctory. It is very likely that we will not see a major update like iOS 16 in a year or two. In June WWDC, Apple will launch iOS 17 and other system updates, as well as more Apple devices and development plans, just wait and see!

(This article is reproduced with permission from Pinwan; source of first image: Apple)

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