iPad mini 6 design exposure uses under-screen Touch ID, open-hole screen

Earlier, there were rumors that Apple will re-introduce Touch ID fingerprint recognition in the iPhone 13 released this year, and it will be realized through the fingerprint recognition technology under the screen. Nowadays, some people have pointed out that the first Apple product that uses under-screen fingerprint recognition may not be the iPhone 13, but the iPad mini 6 tablet.

The whistleblower @xleak7 provided the Italian website Coverpigtou, claiming to be the computer design of the iPad mini 6. It can be seen that the screen frame of this small tablet has become narrower, which greatly increases the screen-to-body ratio, and for the first time an open-hole screen is adopted. Set the Face ID lens at the top center of the screen. In addition, the design drawing shows that iPad mini 6 will use under-screen fingerprint recognition, in other words, Touch ID will continue to be retained in another way.

According to information provided by Coverpigtou, the iPad mini 6 has a 9.15-inch screen and a body size of 203.2 x 134.8 x 6.25mm. It is expected that the new opportunity will be equipped with an A13 Bionic processor, and the price will be similar to the current iPad mini.

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