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IPad mini can also be stored. I tried using a sling bag that is small but surprisingly | Lifehacker[Japan version]

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Reduce your belongings and make it lighter!

Small bags such as sacoche and sling bags are convenient for a little outing. Even at our sister site, machi-ya, small bags are gaining some popularity.

This time, one of them, “niid V1I borrowed a sample of “.

It is a featureMagnetic hidden pocketWe will deliver the impressions that we actually used

Small size is just right

Photo: junior

The brand “niid” is an American bag maker established in 2014, and it seems that the concept is to balance functional beauty and modeling beauty.

By the way, what I wore this timeFoggy blueThe color. It looks like a simple gray, but it was a little bluish and elegant.

Photo: junior

The width of the gusset expands from 60mm to 120mm, but it is compact enough to be grabbed even with some luggage.

By the way, as you can see in the picture, the logo part is in the shape of a strap, and it is also supported to carry in a handbag style.

Left: Meteorite Black, Top Right: Indigo, Bottom Right: Foggy Blue
Photo: junior

There are 3 color variations. It’s a dark monotone, so it’s easy to match.

Easy to see and easy to access

Photo: junior

The main storage can be fully opened with a zipper, so it is easy to see. In addition, there are 4 partition pockets, so it seems that you can organize small items properly.

Photo: junior

Here is where I put my wallet, keys, pill case, etc., which are essential items. You can still afford it.

Photo: junior

If it is a gadget type, the tablet can be stored if it is a small model.

For reference, the author’siPad mini 6 comes with an Apple Pencil and can be stored at the last minuteSo it’s safer to remove the Apple Pencil when you carry it around.

Photo: junior

There is also a pocket on the front side, and depending on the amount of main storage, a slightly larger film camera could also be stored.

It may be a good idea to carry a point-and-shoot camera or action cam as a photo bag.

Double lock pocket with magnet and strap

Photo: junior

“Niid V1” has between the front pocket and the main storageOpen and close with a magnetThere is also a hidden pocket to do.

Frequently used items such as smartphones and items here

Photo: junior

The space was suitable for slightly larger items such as 500ml PET bottles.

Also, after closing with a magnetDouble lock by hooking to the strapTherefore, there is less concern that the contents will fall off.

Photo: junior

The strap uses a magnetic quick release, so the buckle can be quickly attached and detached.

Image: ilprimocom

I forgot to shoot, but the length of the strap can be adjusted smoothly.

It’s a simple sling bag, so it doesn’t have any surprising features, but it was just the right size for going out with as little luggage as possible.

The simple and stylish sling bag “niid V1” equipped with a magnetic gimmick is currently starting a great campaign on the crowdfunding site machi-ya. At the time of writing, it was possible to order from 7,800 yen (tax and shipping included), which is 25% off.

If you are interested, please check it from the link below!

>> Stylish chest bag that combines functionality and beauty of modeling niid V1

Photo: junior

Image: ilprimocom

Source: machi-ya


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