iPad Pro new body design, glass Apple logo has special function

Since the iPhone 12, Apple has equipped the new iPhone with MagSafe wireless charging. Recently, a source broke the news that the new iPad Pro prototype that Apple is testing will also support MagSafe wireless charging. To make the iPad Pro support wireless charging, the back of the machine cannot be made of metal, but Apple is said to have reservations about switching to glass.

According to the news, the iPad Pro prototype being tested by Apple has overcome obstacles with a clever design. The back of the machine can continue to use metal materials and can also support MagSafe wireless charging. The design plan is to increase the size of the Apple logo on the back of the machine, and use glass material instead, the effect is like the latest MacBook case. It is reported that in order to avoid loosening, the prototype also uses magnets with stronger suction.

In addition to adding the MagSafe function to the next-generation iPad Pro, there are rumors that Apple will increase the battery capacity and use a camera module similar to the iPhone 13. As for the processor, it is expected to use the M2 chip of the same level as the new MacBook Air. The source broke the news that the screen size of the prototype under test is larger than 12.9 inches, but the exact size has not been disclosed. It is pointed out that the iPad Pro will be updated in the first half of this year. If it is not in the spring conference, there is a great chance Announced at WWDC in June.

Source: 9to5mac




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