iPadOS 17 beta test version download, skill teaching upgrade (Developer Beta version)

Apple (Apple) has released the iPadOS 17 Beta test description file (iPadOS 17 developer Beta Profile) to developers. If you want to test the new iPadOS 17 system on the iPad in advance, through this tutorial, learn how to upgrade the iPad to The latest iPadOS 17 Beta version, the first to experience the new features and charms of iPadOS 17!

iPadOS 17 Beta Upgrade Considerations

  1. Before upgrading the beta version, run iPad backup through the computer iTunes / Finder. (Disable iCloud backup to avoid overwriting iPadOS 16 data)
  2. If you have a jailbroken device, use iTunes to refresh and backup the device first, and then upgrade through this article. (It is not recommended for jailbroken users to upgrade directly to the iPadOS 17 beta)
  3. After upgrading the trial version, do not use iTunes to run iPadOS 17 backup, to avoid failure to restore the data to the official iPadOS 16 version.
  4. If you want to downgrade from iPadOS 17 Beta to the official version of iPadOS 16, please refer to this article for detailed instructions.

Install iPadOS 17 beta alerts

Normally, Mr. Crazy does not recommend that ordinary users rush to upgrade the beta version of iPadOS 17. After all, the beta version of iPadOS will contain many bugs, power consumption, flashbacks, and other unknown and unstable factors.

And the main purpose of the trial version is to provide developers with a test environment for developing Apps. Don’t think of it as a very stable official version without any problems, such as app crashes, reboots, abnormal functions, and normal glitches. and other problems are normal, unless there is an idle device at hand that can be used for testing, maybe it can be used to install and play

If you are worried about such problems, it is recommended that ordinary users can wait for the official version of iPadOS 17 to be released in September and then it is not too late to upgrade.

iPadOS 17 supported devices

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2nd generation and later)
  • 11-inch iPad Pro (1st generation and later)
  • iPad Pro 10.5-inch
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and later)
  • iPad (6th generation and later)
  • iPad mini (5th generation and later)

Teaching iPadOS 17 Beta trial version upgrade

If you are sure that you can tolerate various problems after the upgrade and you will not regret, follow the instructions below to install iPadOS 17 Beta:

Step 1. Download and install the iPadOS Beta description file

First use the iPad device to “Safari browsermsgstr “Click to open the download URL of the description file (can only be opened through a Safari web page), and it will show Do you want to try to open the description file configuration configuration?” point”allow“, the download description file will be promptly displayed, click “Close”.

Teaching iPadOS 17 Beta trial version upgrade

Step 2. Upgrade to iPadOS 17 Beta

arrive”setting」>「generally」>「software update“, click”Beta Update Project」.

iPadOS 17 beta test version upgrade tutorial 1

and choose “iPadOS 17 Developer Beta” to return to the software update page.

iPadOS 17 beta test version upgrade tutorial 1

You will see the iPadOS 17 Developer beta software update message, click “download and install” to start the iPadOS 17 developer beta upgrade.

iPadOS 17 beta test version upgrade tutorial 2

If you find that you cannot download, please first confirm whether the space on the iPhone device is sufficient, whether the blocking OTA description file has been removed, whether the battery is sufficient (charging upgrade) or use WiFi to upgrade, if the card is stuck. , an update request has been sent, via another article method to resolve.

What is additional Feedback?

After installing and upgrading the trial version of iPadOS 17, there will be an additional “Feedback” app on the desktop, called Feedback Assistant, which is used to report bugs. If you find bugs and errors in the trial version of iPadOS, you can use Feedback to report Details For operational skills, please refer to the teaching URL below.

Summary and Reminder

Finally, I also remind you not to show that you have upgraded to iPadOS 17 Beta. After all, everyone’s needs are different, and you should not recommend or suggest that other beginners upgrade to iPadOS 17 Beta. After all, some users will blindly follow other people’s suggestions, which will cause some crashes or Function bugs to occur, resulting in a bad experience. If you don’t know how to downgrade to the previous stable version, it will be even worse.

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