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iPhone 13 may lose Face ID if you ask a third-party repairer to repair the screen-GIGAZINE

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On the YouTube channel that publishes videos about repairing smartphonesPhone Repair Guru“In the iPhone 13 series, if you ask a third-party repair company to repair the display, Face ID will not work,” he said.

Face ID stops working if you replace the iPhone 13 screen with third-party repair [Video] – 9to5Mac

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According to Phone Repair Guru, it’s easy to replace and repair some display components on the iPhone 13 series, but if you need to replace and repair the entire display, you need to use Apple’s official repair service to get face recognition. Face ID will not work. Phone Repair Guru lists microphones, ambient light sensors, proximity sensors, etc. as parts that can be repaired by third-party repairers.

On the other hand, if you replace the entire display, you will receive a notification from the Settings app on the screen.

When unlocked, I can’t verify that this iPhone has a genuine Apple display, titled “Important Display Message.”
Message is displayed. When you tap “Learn More” …

A message that it cannot be confirmed that it is a genuine Apple display even on the setting application.

And when this message is displayed, Face ID seems to stop working.

Phone Repair Guru says there are workarounds to make the replaced display work with a chip, but “most repair shops wouldn’t do this because it’s too complicated.”

Apple has beenControversy over the right to repairHowever, it is clear that the display repair problem revealed this time makes it difficult for iPhone users to repair the device with their own hands.

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