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iPhone 14 needs a USB-C charging port?The news broke that 3 key factors caused

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Recently, there has been news that the iPhone 14 series will cancel the mini series. Apple is also considering launching a USB-C interface for the next-generation iPhone 14. It will be equipped with USB-C models for the iPhone. Only the iPhone 14 Pro series. Type, mainly because Apple will face three key factors.

According to informants, it is not difficult for Apple to replace the iPhone with a USB-C connector, but considering various factors and Lightning patent profits, and avoiding being fined by the European Union, there will eventually be three key factors that force Apple to abandon Lightning. Reasons to switch to USB-C for iPhone:

Three key factors for Apple’s iPhone switch to USB-C

transfer speed

Apple introduced the Lightning interface in 2012. So far, the iPhone 13 series still uses the old version of USB 2.0. The transmission speed is obviously outdated and too slow, and the transmission does not meet the current USB standard.

Moreover, Apple supports the shooting of ProRes format videos for the iPhone 13 Pro series. For a professional, just recording 2 hours of 4K ProRes application will take up 720GB of space. If you want to export the video material to a computer for editing, it will cause The transmission speed of Lightning is too slow. It takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to export 4K ProRes to the computer.

Compared to the iPad Pro with USB-C / USB 4 technology, it only takes about 2 minutes to export 4K videos. That also means that if the iPhone wants to solve the ProRes transmission problem, it must replace the next generation iPhone 14. It can be solved by changing to a faster transmission interface.

Three key factors for Apple's iPhone switch to USB-C

Avoid EU regulations

Both Biden in the United States and the European Union have promoted the uniform use of USB-C sockets in all electronic products. The European Union will complete the relevant bill as soon as 2022. In the future, major penalties will be imposed on technology companies that do not meet the standard. Faced with the iPhone’s failure to pass the EU CE product certification, it will not be able to be marketed in European countries.

Of course, Apple also responded that unifying specifications would hinder innovation and would give the brand two years to improve. Of course, Apple did not want to circumvent EU regulations. It has already begun to replace the iPad mini 6 with USB-C. iPhone 14 uses USB-C or other solutions instead of Lightning jacks.

Three key factors for Apple's iPhone to switch to USB-C 1

Uniform specifications comply with environmental protection strategy

Apple’s main focus on environmental protection is one of the company’s core values. However, Apple insists that the reason for continuing to use Lightning for the iPhone is to avoid replacing the sockets, which will result in billions of Lightning e-waste around the world.

However, for the EU, if the iPhone also uses the USB-C socket, for consumers, the subsequent conversion from Android to iPhone, or iPhone to Android mobile phone, the transmission line does not need to be repurchased, which is what Apple is pursuing. Environmental protection policies will also help, and can even reduce carbon emissions and e-waste.

Will Apple eventually switch to USB-C for the iPhone 14?

The news that Apple wants to switch to USB-C for the iPhone has been spread for several years. There has been no legislation for Apple in the past, but the impact is that the European Union stipulates that electronic products use USB-C sockets. This bill will be completed as soon as 2022. After the official approval, two years will be provided for improvement, which also means that the iPhone will no longer be able to use the Lightning connector in 2024.

So will iPhone 14 give up Lightning and use USB-C? “Mr. Crazy” is not very likely to be seen. It is currently instructing the outside world to speculate that it is expected that the iPhone 16 model may only be seen, but Apple is currently developing and holding “Wireless Magnetic Lightning“Technology, you can transfer and charge through magnetic attraction, you can skip USB-C, and you can continue to have the right to the Lightning charging port, which will eventually accelerateSwitch to a new non-porous iPhone design

Will Apple eventually switch to USB-C for the iPhone 14?

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