iPhone 14 Pro main camera will have a strong vibration problem on third-party apps, Apple plans to update next week to fix it

Apple iPhone 14 Pro practical

Apple iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 have been officially launched, and many real users have already switched to new phones. However, some users have found that when some third-party apps enable the rear camera, there are strange screen vibrations and even scary mechanical sounds. 9to5Mac’s analysis showed that this appears to be related to a conflicting issue with the autofocus function.

on Reddit and Tweet There are many users sharing this disaster on the Internet: The following video shows the problem mentioned above when the iPhone 14 Pro turns on the Snapchat camera. An Apple spokesperson quickly responded to the incident, saying that they determined it was a software issue rather than a hardware fault, but mentioned that the situation would pose a risk of damage to the camera’s hardware, and revealed that it will targeted update to fix it. the next week. In addition, Snap took the initiative to say that they contacted Apple directly to deal with related issues, while TikTok and Meta have not responded.

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