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IPhone can be unlocked with Apple Watch, stress relief when wearing a mask | Mynavi News

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Many people are worried that “If you wear a mask, you can’t unlock your iPhone with Face ID …”, but you can finally unlock Face ID smoothly even with the mask on. It will be like. The key to the long-awaited improvement was the Apple Watch.

Apple has released Developer Beta (beta for developers) of the next iOS “iOS 14.5” currently under development. Among the various new features, the one that stands out is the “When you launch Face ID with the mask on, you can unlock your iPhone if you have an Apple Watch on.”

Currently, if you wear a mask and your mouth and nose are covered, it is difficult to unlock with Face ID, and you need to unlock with a passcode. You may have to wait for a while trying to detect your face with Face ID, and when you enter your passcode, you need to be careful about whether someone is looking into you.

To relieve this stress, if you have an Apple Watch tied to your iPhone on your wrist, you can unlock it by activating Face ID on your iPhone as a key. If the attached Apple Watch is unlocked, you can quickly unlock it by simply calling Face ID on your iPhone without face authentication.

There’s also a mechanism for tactile feedback to reach your Apple Watch when your iPhone is unlocked. When you are relaxing at home, even if your child calls Face ID and unlocks it, you can immediately see that the lock was unlocked unintentionally. It also has the ability to remotely relock your iPhone from your Apple Watch, preventing it from being used without permission.

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It’s a long-awaited improvement for all iPhone users, as masks are now required to be worn regardless of the season. iOS 14.5 is still in the stage of the release of Developer Beta for developers, so it cannot be tried by the general public. It’s likely that it will take some time before it’s officially released, but if it’s a public beta that will be released soon, you can try it. Let’s look forward to it while checking the updated information.

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