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Some iPhone apps show the number of notifications in the top right corner of the icon. This is a specification common in messaging-related apps, and the standard “Mail” app also applies to it. Notifications are also sent when uninteresting direct mail arrives, so many people may see a huge number of unread items displayed on the “Mail” app icon.

Today, there is an Instagrammer who presents convenient tricks and tricks from the iPhone every day.Arashiron CEO of iPhone entertainer[dim warUA RU]@birthday1224mail from“The trick to open a lot of emails at once that 90% don’t know”I would like to introduce you to

Arashiro CEO and iPhone entertainer posted[no warUA RU]video on Instagram the other day explaining how to open unread emails instantly using the iPhone’s “Mail” app.

This post has a lot of “likes” and has become a hot topic on Instagram. Now let’s get into the details of this post.

How to open unread emails

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First, open the “Mail” app on your iPhone. Next, tap the “Edit” button on the top right and select “Select All” shown in the top left.

Procedure 02 to open unread mail immediately

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If you select “Mark as read” from the lower left “Mark”, all unread posts will be opened immediately.

Step 3 to open unread emails immediately

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Step 04 to open unread emails immediately

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I also tried this method with Gmail registered in the “Mail” application, but I managed to open tens of thousands of unread emails in an instant.

I had been aware of the collection of unread emails for a long time, but it was a hassle to open them one by one, so I had pretended not to see them until now. Using this method, I was very happy because I was able to clean the icons for the first time in a long time. Isn’t this a pretty useful email organizing technique?

What are the disadvantages of storing unread emails?

Now, on your personal smartphoneaccumulation of large amounts of unread mailWhat kind ofDemeritI wonder if there is

First, in the case of the iPhone’s “Mail” application, as mentioned at the beginning, the number of unread messages is displayed on the icon. Some people may not care about the number of unread messages, but really, the human brain doesunnecessary mental burdenI tend to remember

In other words, even if every unread email is nothing more than junk to you, the number of unread emails is displayed as a number, and the mentality of “I have to do something about it someday” works. If it’s on the icon, it’s on the home screen, where you see it so often, it’s mentally eroded without you even realizing it.

And the second disadvantage due to a lot of unread mail isVery important emails are buriedI say that. Once you get rid of unread emails, when new emails arrive, you can see at a glance what has arrived. If you received an important email in the past but didn’t notice it, there is nothing you can do about it, but in order not to miss an important email in the future, it is recommended to use this opportunity to clear emails without read them.

When I ran out of unread emails, I woke up to organize!

If you have too many unread emails and don’t know where to start, try this method.

Unreading all unread emails will make you feel fresh and less likely to miss important emails that will arrive in the future. With this as an opportunity, I woke up to organize my mail folders, and I have also started to review the settings of various sites so that I can stop sending unwanted direct mail that has arrived after that.

Use the iPhone Mail appOpen unread emails immediatelyThe method this time. If you have thousands or tens of thousands of unread emails on the icon, why not give it a try?

* Thumb image (Image: Provided by “Arashiron CEO iPhone entertainer[dim warUA RU](@birthday1224)”)