IPL mega star auction; How many crores will the retaining players get …? Know | IPL 2022 Mega Auction Here is all you need to know about Retention Rules

The IPL is gearing up for the mega star auction ahead of next season. The mega star auction will also witness the arrival of two new franchises this time around. And all the franchises are gearing up to demolish their teams.

All current teams have the opportunity to retain a maximum of four players. The BCCI has set November 30 as the deadline for announcing retained and released players for the franchise.

Teams can determine the four players they retain in two ways. Either two Indian players and two foreign players, or three Indian players and one foreign player. However, franchises are also given the freedom to retain one, two, three or four players depending on their needs.

The BCCI has also laid down some rules for new IPL teams. Apart from the IPL 2022 mega star auction, new entries have been given the freedom to choose three players from the players released by the other eight franchises. The two new teams can acquire two Indian cricketers and one foreign cricketer at a star auction without a bargain.

Players and salaries that teams can retain

  • Teams retaining four players will have to spend Rs 42 crore. It will be distributed to players at Rs 16 crore, Rs 12 crore, Rs 8 crore and Rs 6 crore.
  • The salaries of the three players are Rs 33 crore. (15 crore, 11 crore, 7 crore)
  • 24 crore for two stars (14 crore, 10)
  • If there is one player to be retained now, four crore for those who are not wearing the national jersey and 14 crore for those who are not.



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