Iran is expected to change its negative stance – Salman Raja | King Salman about Iran

Jeddah: King Salman says Iran is a neighbor and hopes to change its negative stance. The Saudi ruler made his political policy clear in his annual online address to the Shura Council. Iran must move to a path of dialogue and cooperation. Saudi Arabia is concerned about the Iranian government’s ongoing policy of destabilization and non – cooperation with the international community against security and stability in the Middle East. Iran has been instrumental in creating and supporting sectarian militant groups. Iran continues to support the Houthis, who are prolonging the war in Yemen, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis and threatening the security of Saudi Arabia and the region. King Salman stressed that Saudi Arabia is concerned about the security and stability of the entire region of Yemen.

The Saudis put the interests of the Yemeni people first. They are still asking the Houthis to adopt wisdom and logic. The King reiterated that the Saudi initiative was a solution to the conflict in Yemen. Saudi Arabia wants to stand with the Lebanese people. I urge all Lebanese leaders to put the interests of the people first. King Salman also demanded an end to the domination of Hezbollah. King Salman stressed the importance of Afghanistan’s stability and security in the international arena so that Afghanistan does not become a haven for terrorist organizations.

Saudi Arabia’s global position is in its Arab and Islamic positions. ‘Vision 2030’ seeks to create a stable economy facing international change. The beginning of the second phase of Vision is moving forward with great achievements. King Salman said the sustainability of the oil market was one of the pillars of the country’s strategy in the energy sector. The work done by the Shura Council, the Parliament of the country, is commendable. During his speech, King Salman thanked the citizens and foreign nationals of the country for guarding the border, especially all the soldiers on the southern border, for following the precautionary measures to defend Kovid.



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