Iran notifies IAEA of “60% uranium enrichment in 14 days”

On the 10th, Iranian President Hasan Rohany is listening to an explanation of the new centrifuge from officials from the Iranian nuclear power agency. AP=Yonhap News

Iran, which suffered a blackout due to the attack on a nuclear facility, notified the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that it would enrich uranium at 60% concentration starting on the 14th. It is the highest concentration ever.

On the 13th (local time), Reuters reported that Iran’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Abbas Arakchi informed the IAEA on the same day in Vienna, Austria. Deputy Minister Arakchi leads the Iranian delegation to the meetings of the participating countries to restore the nuclear agreement (JCPOA, Comprehensive Joint Action Plan) held in Vienna.

Iran suffered a power cut due to the attack on the Natanz nuclear facility on the 11th. The facility has an improved centrifuge that is banned for nuclear consensus purposes. Iran later criticized the blackout at the Natanz nuclear facility as an Israeli attempt to prevent the restoration of the nuclear agreement.

In addition, Vice Minister Arakchi also announced that it would install 1,000 more advanced centrifuges with 50% improved performance at the attacked Natanz nuclear facility. It has declared a’strong versus strong’ response by increasing the concentration of uranium and installing an additional centrifuge.

According to the AP news agency that day, 60% uranium enrichment is the highest concentration ever. Iran enriched uranium to 20% in 2015, before the agreement was reached. After the nuclear agreement, it was diluted to 3.67% and the excess was exported abroad. After the US Donald Trump administration broke the nuclear deal, the concentration was raised to 4.5%.

Then, when nuclear scientist Mosen Parkrizade died of terrorism at the end of last year, Iran responded by raising the level of uranium enrichment to 20%.

In general, it is known that 25 kg of highly enriched uranium of 90% is required to make one nuclear weapon. In the case of 20% enriched uranium, it is calculated that 200-250 kg should be produced.

Reporter Oh Won-seok [email protected]


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