Iran-Turkey Foreign Ministers Discuss Turkey-Syria Border Tensions by Phone – Xinhua

Iran-Turkey foreign ministers discuss border tensions on the phone

Hangzhou Net Release Time: 2022-11-30 07:49

A CCTV news client reported that Iran’s Foreign Minister Abdullahyan had a telephone conversation on November 29 local time with Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu to discuss the developments on the Turkey-Syria border and exchange views.

Abdullahyan said Iran understands Turkey’s security concerns, but also stressed that maintaining security requires continued dialogue between Turkey and Syria. He pointed out that conducting ground military operations will not help to solve the problem, but will make the situation more complicated. Abdullahiyan said that Iran is willing to provide any assistance to resolve political issues between Turkey and Syria.

Cavusoglu appreciated Iran’s constructive role on this issue and decided to continue communicating with Iran.

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