Iranian president will visit Saudi Arabia Madhyamam

Tehran: Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi will visit Saudi Arabia. Iran’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that it has received an invitation from Saudi King Salman. The date of the visit and other details have not been disclosed.

Saudi Arabia and Iran reached an agreement in the talks held through the mediation of China to restore diplomatic relations, which ended in 2016. The decision that could create a huge reflection in West Asia and globally was made in the discussion held in Beijing between March 6th and 10th.

Negotiations initiated by Iraq and Oman in April 2021 led by China came to fruition. It was agreed to continue diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran and to open closed embassies within two months. The President’s visit will further warm the relationship.

The Foreign Ministers of the two countries will soon hold talks for the smooth restoration of diplomatic relations. Saudi and Iranian cooperation will lead to a fundamental change in the political equations of West Asia.


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