Iranian security forces shot and killed a young man who was celebrating Iran’s defeat in the World Cup

After Iran was eliminated from the Qatar World Cup by the United States, Iranians’ celebration by exploding firecrackers and dancing in the streets went viral on social media. But during this celebration, Iranian security forces shot and killed a young man.

A young man named Mehran Samak (27) was shot dead by security forces. The volunteer organization came forward claiming that Mehran had been killed in a planned manner by the army, who participated in the celebrations by honing the chariot’s horn.

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In Kurdistan, Mariwan, Paway and Sarpol-e Sahab in Kermanshah province, people celebrated the country’s defeat by exploding firecrackers and honoring their horns. During this, the young man was shot dead, and the elimination of the team was celebrated as part of the protest against the Iranian government.

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Strong protests are taking place in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini (22), a Kurdish woman who was detained for not wearing the hijab properly on September 16. After this, the Iranians even celebrated the country’s victory against the United States. In solidarity with the protest, Iran stopped playing the national anthem in the first match against England.

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First published:December 01, 2022, 18:18 IST

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