Iranian tanker leaves Gibraltar - target: unknown - politics

  • The Iranian tanker Adrian Darya- 1, formerly Grace 1, is back in international waters.
  • The ship left Gibraltar with an unknown destination, Iran's government had previously promised that it would bring no oil to Syria.
  • Until recently, the US had tried to make the tanker.

The super tanker with Iranian oil set for more than six weeks has left Gibraltar. This announced Iran's Ambassador in London, Hamid Baeidinedschad. "We hereby confirm that after 45 days our tanker left Gibraltar for international waters," wrote the ambassador.

According to, which specializes in shipping, the ship started south. Later it changed the course to the east. The goal is still unclear. Two teams of experts had made the ship ready for take-off, according to Baeidineschad.

The Supreme Court of the British Overseas Territory on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula had granted the tanker on Thursday free ride. The State Department in London stressed that Iran must now stick to its pledge not to bring the cargo to Syria. However, Iran assured in writing to the Prime Minister of Gibraltar that the oil would not be shipped to Syria. This raises the hope of de-escalation in the smoldering conflict between Iran and several Western countries, including Britain and the US.

The Grace 1 was meanwhile in Adrian Darya-1 renamed and should go under the Iranian flag, as Tehran announced.

Gibraltar's government rejects seizure decision of US court

The authorities in Gibraltar and the British Royal Navy had flagged the Panamanian tanker in Gibraltar in early July on suspicion of illegal oil supplies to Syria. Thus the ship would violate EU sanctions against civil war, was the allegation. The captain and other members of the crew were temporarily arrested, but were released. Tehran threatened retaliation and repeatedly ordered the British Ambassador.

The US government tried in vain to prevent the tanker from leaving the lander. A federal court wanted to have the ship seized. The Government rejected in Gibraltar but on Sunday back: The decision of a federal court in Washington is "inseparably" connected with the sanctions of the United States against Iran, but which are not comparable with those of the European Union, it said.

Iran finally turned in and changed the tanker's destination, Gibraltar's government said. Tehran insisted that the oil was never destined for Syria.

Politics Iran Precautionary abduction

Precautionary kidnapping

The hijacking of the British ship is intended to make it clear to the US and Europe that Iran can cause massive damage if it is prevented from exporting oil.By Paul-Anton Krüger


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