Iranians are forced to apologize for dancing; Receive shows of support

Five women from Iran were arrested after a video in which they appear, without a veil, dancing a choreography to a world-famous song went viral. International concern grew after a recording of alleged forced repentance was released.

In the video, The five young women wear tank tops, have their hair loose, and dance Calm Downby Nigerian singer Rema. The song became famous after the duet recorded by Rema with the American star Selena Gomez.

The use of the veil is compulsory in the Islamic Republic.

To all the wonderful women who fight for a better world, you are a source of inspiration, I sing for you and I dream with you”, declared Rema when sharing the images of the dance of the young women.

The video, recorded in Ekbatan, a residential neighborhood in Tehran, went viral on TikTok. and other social networks last week.

This middle-class area of ​​the capital has been the source of many actions against the government for the past month.

Telegram and Twitter posts with tags #Shahrak #Ekbatan They collect that the Iranian authorities analyzed the surveillance videos to identify the young women.

On Tuesday, they claimed they had been arrested and detained for two days. They also claimed that they were forced to record a video in which they expressed their regret.

Another video was posted on social media showing four veiled women expressing their regret one after another.

After the arrest became known, dozens of women in different parts of the world posted support videos, dancing to the same song.

In that country, expressions of dancing and singing in public spaces are not allowed, much less for women.

For this reason, the five women viralized in TikTok they would have violated three of the strict Islamic norms: obligatory use of the veil, not showing their bodies in public and the prohibition of dancing.

Iran has experienced a wave of protests since the death in detention on September 16, Mahsa Aminia 22-year-old Kurdish-Iranian girl, arrested for allegedly violating the country’s strict dress code.

In February, an Iranian influencer couple was sentenced to 10 years in prison after a video of them dancing in a main square in Tehran went viral.

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