Iran’s posture to support inspection activities for nuclear facilities = IAEA | Reuters

On March 4, Iran pledged to support the inspection activities of undeclared nuclear facilities by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) where high concentrations of uranium particles have been found and to re-install surveillance cameras in these facilities. IAEA Director General Grossi meets with Iranian President Raisi (right) in Tehran on the 4th. From the position of the President of Iran. Photo provided (2023 Reuters/WANA (West Asia News Agency))

VIENNA (Reuters) – Iran will help the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) carry out inspections of undeclared nuclear facilities where high concentrations of uranium particles have been found and the re-installation of surveillance cameras at these facilities showed an approach . The IAEA issued a joint statement on the 4th at the end of Director General Grossi’s visit to Iran.

The statement made little mention of specific responses in the future. Grossi said that follow-up talks would be held between the IAEA and Iran “very soon” to discuss the details of the response.

Grossi also said that the Iranian side should provide access to the necessary information and the location of facilities.

A spokesman for Iran’s Atomic Energy Agency stressed that no agreement had been reached on the installation of new surveillance cameras at nuclear facilities.

When asked if all the surveillance cameras would be reinstalled, Grossi said “yes,” but when asked where they would be reinstalled, he said “just various places.”


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