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Iraq – On March 3, AFP reported.

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10 rockets collapse on repeat US-Iraqi base – On March 3, AFP reported that an unknown militant militia struck Al-Azad Air Base. West in Iraq Which is a stronghold of mixed forces between Iraq and the United States The incident happened just two days before Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, visited a military base.

Combined Forces spokesman Colonel Wayne Marotto said the incident occurred early in the morning around 7:20 am the base was hit by 10 missiles, but the spokesperson did not disclose the casualties. Or any damage How much happened While the Iraqi army said The missile used by unknown forces is a “grad” type of missile similar to the BM-21.

Western security news sources said the missile was an Arash version. Developed as a truck-mounted multi-barrel rocket launcher of the former Soviet Army, the 122m diameter has more destructive power than conventional weapons used by the Iraqi army. It is thought that this is the work of armed groups supported by the Iranian authorities.

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